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Discontinued & Limited Release Pocket PCs & PDA Phones

Most Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone models have been discontinued (only a couple of iPAQ models remain for sale in the U.S.), but this page is dedicated to older, first and second wave Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile devices discontinued before 2007. 

If the Pocket PC family has been discontinued, we've attempted to list resources for keeping your Pocket PC working for you throughout its life. 

If you're looking for a modern alternative to these older Pocket PC devices, check out Android smartphones, Android Tablets, the Apple iPod touch and new Windows Phones.















If you have an older Windows Mobile or Pocket PC device you need help with, email us.  These handhelds are getting long in the tooth, but there may be something that can be done if it needs a new battery or software update. Can't hurt to ask...

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