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Dell Axim X51 & X51v Accessories 

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Dell Axim X51& X51v GPS Systems
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Dell Axim X51 x51v Pharos Secure Digital SDIO GPS Unit

Pharos SDIO GPS Receiver

Windows Mobile 5.0 Ready

Pharos’ Pocket GPS Navigator SDIO includes the ultra compact, iGPS-SDwhich slots directly into the secure digital port of a Pocket PC. 

Turn your Dell Axim X51 or X51v Pocket PC into a portable navigation device.The powerful iGPS-SD uses a propriety design which tracks all GPS satellites in sight.This 12-channel tracking gives the Pharos GPS receiver superior performance, enabling fast GPS signal acquisition and reacquisition, and optimum response in dynamic applications.Includes Ostia, Pharos' award-winning navigation software for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs. 

Model PSD80


Pharos PT250 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator

The Pharos PT250 GPS Navigator brings wireless GPS to your Bluetooth-enabled Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone. With a range of up to 30 feet, you can keep the included Bluetooth GPS Receiver in your backpack or on your car's dashboard and still get GPS information on your Windows Mobile handheld.  Pharos' Ostia navigation software provides intelligent route calculation and voice-prompted, turn-by-turn navigation instructions.

The Pharos PT250 GPS Navigator Kit includes the iGPS-500 GPS receiver with Bluetooth dock, DC charging adapter and Li-Ion battery.

Model PT250


Dell Axim X51 x51v Pharos GPS Unit

Pharos Axim X50/X51 Series GPS

Windows Mobile 5.0 Ready

Compatible with the Dell Axim X51 and X51v Handhelds, the Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator includes Pharos' iGPS-360 convertible receiver with a sync-cable connector. The iGPS-360 receiver is a small, slim and highly sensitive GPS receiver, and comes with a car charger which powers the GPS while simultaneously charging your Pocket PC. The included Ostia Smart Navigation software features detailed street-level maps of the entire United States that help you easily locate your current position, find a destination Point of Interest (POI) and get a convenient route to your destination. The Pocket GPS Navigator is easy to use - simply activate the GPS navigation program and begin traveling; the automated voice prompts will instruct you when and where to turn. If by chance you go 'off-route', the Navigator will automatically reroute you to your destination from your current GPS position.

Model PK047

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