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Did you know that many Pocket PC users consider the addition of a keyboard to have a greater impact on the usefulness of their Pocket PC than any other accessory?




iPAQ 1910 1930 & 1940 Series Keyboards

Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard from Think Outside / iGo

Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard

Click to Download the PDF User Manual


The Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard is the perfect productivity companion to your Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone, PDA, Tablet, Media Center PC or notebook – almost any device that has Bluetooth! With its genuine full-size keyboard with 18mm spacing, the Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard allows you to quickly type email, memos, or surf the web in optimum comfort. The sleek, award winning, patented folding design is featured in the Design Collection at Museum of Modern Art in New York. Its unique design allows it to easily fit in a pocket or purse, so you can take it everywhere, yet opens to a full size keyboard when you need it. A lap-lock is included that allows the keyboard to be used on a lap – perfect for airports and other tight spaces! Symbols, and international characters are also supported.  Sold as both the Think Outside and iGo Stowaway Keyboard.  iPAQ h194x Models Only





HP Bluetooth Keyboard

HP Bluetooth Keyboard


Improve your data-entry speed and productivity while using your Bluetooth iPAQ Pocket PC. When open, this keyboard is the same size as a notebook computer keyboard, with a standard, 65-key QWERTY layout. 

All wireless Bluetooth connection.  iPAQ h194x Models Only

Model FA802AA#AC3




Think Outside Infrared Keyboard

Think Outside Infrared Keyboard

Click to Download the PDF User Manual


The Stowaway Infrared Wireless Keyboard's compact, collapsible design allows it to fold easily to become the smallest full-size Infrared keyboard on the market. An integrated cradle and adjustable IR wand ensure consistent alignment with your PDA infrared port even in landscape view mode. Because it uses Infrared instead of a physical connection with the PDA, the Stowaway Infrared Wireless Keyboard is universally compatible with a wide range of current, and future handheld devices. With its genuine full-size 18 mm spacing between keys, the Stowaway Infrared Wireless Keyboard allows you to quickly type email, memos, and reports in optimum comfort. Punctuation, symbols, and international characters are easier to find and type than handwriting recognition software.





Belkin Universal Wireless Keyboard


This wireless keyboard from Belkin works with your iPAQ's Infrared port to give you the freedom of wireless data input. The generous size when unfolded makes typing comfortable while the unit folds up to travel well.

Model F8U1500

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