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Pocket PC Central offers a variety of banner/tower advertising and product placement options.

Below is a chart of currently available banner and block ad placements for most pages on the Pocket PC Central site.  Mouse-over for specific ad space details:

Ad Placement Locations Diagram

We also offer product placement ads so that your products will reach a highly-targeted audience.

Though Pocket PC Central offers ad space for select ad services like Google Adsense, we place a higher priority on individual advertisers.  Ad placement is available on hub pages (such as the home page), product-specific pages (for example, the cases for the HTC One X Android Phone accessories page), and in the Pocket PC Central News Center and iPhone News Center.

We will gladly work with you to tailor your ad for most effective placement.

For detailed information on our advertising program, or to ask a question, please contact Pocket PC Central by e-mail.

Thank you!

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