Sep 05

Windows 8 Lock ScreenBeing able to lock your PC is quite a  useful thing, particularly  if you share a common space, have people frequently in and out of your office, or tolerate nosey roommates. But locking a PC shouldn’t require several steps steps.

It should be quick, simple and effective.

In Windows 8, the default method of locking your PC is effective, but it takes several clicks (not quick) and is buried in a menu (Metro > User, drop-down menu… i.e. not simple)

But there is a quick and easy shortcut for locking a Windows 8 PC, and it works for Windows 7, too:

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Apr 21

Samsung 840 Pro SSDI’ve written about SSDs several times since I first adopted the technology three years ago, and there’s no doubt that replacing a spinning hard drive with an SSD is the best way to boost overall performance of an existing PC (or Mac).  I’ve owned three SSDs in total, and am about to replace my current model – a 128GB Crucial C300 – with something newer, faster and bigger (in storage capacity). 

As is my custom when upgrading computer components, I’ve spent hours researching various reviews, benchmarks, real-world user observations, and recommendations from trusted online sources to find the best SSD available.  And in this particular hardware treasure hunt, I’ve had the welcome (and rare) experience of finding almost every source of information pointing to a single choice:

The Samsung 840 PRO SSD

Check Prices: | NewEgg | eBay

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Jan 31

Windows 8 Pro UpgradeWhen Windows 8 was released late last year, one of the novel aspects of the new operating system was its availability as an online download; even more impressive was the low price for this online version – $39 for an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, a version of the OS normally priced $199.

But that promotion ends today.  If you want to snag up to five upgrade copies of Windows 8 Pro for $39 each, you’ll have to do so before the end of the day today

Tomorrow they’ll be an extra $160.

Jan 28

Nest Learning Thermostat - 2nd Gen

I had never given much thought to my home’s thermostat; it was there on the wall, turning on my heat when the house was too cold, or the air conditioner when steamy southern summers made it too hot. I’d adjust it now and then (mostly in the summer), but for the most part it was ignored.  And for good reason: the conventional thermostat is dumb-tech, doing what it’s told and nothing else, and offering nothing in the way of intelligent assistance or control.

But modern technologies – namely online weather information, Wi-Fi, smartphones, and intelligent software – have made it possible for the boring ol’ thermostat to become something else entirely.  Something smarter and better.  And something that can even save you money.

Meet the Nest Learning Thermostat.

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