Jun 19

dupe files Sorry I haven’t posted for a while.  I’ve been busy with the iPhone 3GS, working on a Bluetooth headset roundup review… and deleting duplicate files.

If you’re like me, your hard drive is littered with thousands of files, many of which – for one reason or another – are duplicates.  I’ve spent hours manually removing duplicate files, largely because I’m a bit fearful of automatic duplicate file utilities that sometimes delete things you don’t want piled on the digital ash heap just yet.  But I’ve found a better solution: DoubleKiller.

DoubleKiller is a small, runs-without-installing Windows utility that locates duplicate files with ease.  Not only can DoubleKiller locate multiple files with the same name (which can be useless in many cases) it can also compare the size and CRC32-checksum of files to nail down duplicates even if the names are different.  You can scan entire drives or limit your search and destroy mission to specific folders.

Following the scan, you’re presented with a detailed list of files from which you can make deletion selections.  Ahh… full control, and no automatic deletion nightmares.

It would be difficult to calculate how much time this little gem has saved me.  And it’s totally free.

2 Responses to “Find, Remove Duplicate Files with DoubleKiller”

  1. asmrkt Says:

    i found duplicate finder 2009 the most advance version of duplicate file finder in the market for windows systems…

  2. Another Duplicate Finder: DupeTrasher 2009 Says:

    […] summer I wrote a short blog post about DoubleKiller, a free duplicate file finder for Windows that had saved me a great deal of time […]

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