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This summer I wrote a short blog post about DoubleKiller, a free duplicate file finder for Windows that had saved me a great deal of time in locating and erasing redundant files on my office PC.  Since that post, I’ve received a lot of email on the topic, mostly from users, but  also from a few makers of competing products.

One such product, DupeTrasher 2009, caught my attention, and I agreed to try the software for an additional posting about a duplicate file finder, but this time of a retail alternative ( DupeTrasher sells for $24.95).

Let me begin by saying that DupeTrasher is much more attractive than DoubleKiller; that may or may not make a difference to you, but I think this simple, attractive interface is more user-friendly, particularly for less-experienced Windows users.

DupeTrasher Icons

You have several pre-defined option icons (seen above) including One-Click Search (which scans your entire PC), Master Folder Search (which locates duplicates for deletion outside a specified master location) and Custom Search.  There is also a CD/DVD Duplicate finder, which scans a CD or DVD disc’s contents, then checks your hard drive for redundant copies which can can be deleted.  There’s also an Archive feature which searches for duplicates both of archive files (ZIP, RAR, etc.) themselves and of archive contents.

I found the CD/DVD function particularly helpful since I have so many backup discs lying around.  I was able to find over 21GB of duplicate files on my external hard drives which were already backed-up to three different discs; given more time I hope to be able to find other duplicates already backed-up to disc.

Whichever search method you choose, once completed you’ll be given a results page, showing any duplicate files found based on your desired parameters.  Here you can decide how to proceed, select which file(s) you’d like to delete and so on:

Search Results (Click to Enlarge)


I found the color-coded results page made deciding which files to delete much easier than solutions with a plainer, more DOS-like appearance.

Comparing and contrasting a free and a retail duplicate file solution was interesting.  My verdict is this:

If your needs are simple, and if you’re a fairly advanced computer user, free solutions like DoubleKiller will probably suit your needs just fine.  But if you’re a  novice to intermediate user, or one who needs highly specific features like CD/DVD or Master Folder searches, DupeTrasher 2009 is probably worth its $25 price tag.  There is a free trial, so — of course — take it for a spin before you buy.

Update: From now until mid-November, use the coupon code DT2009-P32D at checkout and save 40% off the retail price of DupeTrasher 2009.

DupeTrasher 2009 Web Site


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