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Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved
Nov 11

Yesterday I was helping a friend with his computer after a clean install of Windows 7.  After each reboot, the Network and Sharing Center showed two active networks: the Work network – a wired LAN connection which was supposed to be listed – and an Unidentified Public network, which was not. 

Unidentified Network in Windows 7

The result of having these two active networks was limited access, i.e. no Internet connection.

To temporarily resolve the problem, I could disable and re-enable the LAN card after each reboot in the Device Manager, which would cause the unidentified network disappear and the Internet connection to be restored.  But the problem reappeared after each reboot.

The cause in my friend’s case (I discovered after half an hour of Google-aided research) was a secondary Default Gateway value of, which was showing up in the IPCONFIG readout before each re-enabling of the LAN card. I do not know the cause of this error, but it appears many users are reporting experiencing this problem in Windows 7 with several types of LAN cards and other networking hardware.

I was able to correct the problem on his Windows 7 PC with the following solution:

Network Connection Properties You must manually enter the Default Gateway in your Windows 7 Network Adapter’s IPv4 settings.  The gateway is the IP address of your router. If you don’t know your router’s IP address, you can find it listed under Default gateway by opening the Command Prompt (Start > All Programs > Accessories) and typing IPCONFIG then pressing Enter.  One listing may report the Gateway as; ignore this value and look for the one with four sets of numbers separated by periods. This will be something like  Write this number down; you’ll need it later.

Open the Network and Sharing Center by right-clicking on the network icon in the System Tray at the lower right-hand corner of your screen.  Once there, click Change Adapter Settings on the left side of the window.

This will take you to a listing of your installed network adapters.  Locate the adapter you’re using, right-click it and select Properties.  In the Connection Properties window, select the Internet Protocol Version 4 line (shown above) and click the Properties button below.

Once in Properties, click the Advanced button, and use the Add feature under Default gateways to add your router’s IP address.  Once entered, click OK and/or Close until you’re out of the network configuration windows.

Reboot your PC.

The problem should now be resolved.


Other Solutions

You might also want to try updating your network hardware drivers. Some have reported that by updating the driver for their LAN card or Wi-Fi adapter that the problem was resolved – and it’s always a good idea to install the latest drivers for your computer’s hardware. Also check to see if your router (if you have one) is running the most up-to-date firmware (the router manufacturer’s web site is the best place to start).


Some installed software may also be the culprit.  Adobe CS3 applications, along with some McAfee and Norton internet security software suites have been known to cause this networking issue.


Still No Fix?

If you’re experiencing this problem and no solution shown above works for you, please check the comments section below for other users’ suggestions.  Many of them are excellent. 

If you’d like to ask a question directly via email, or have a comment on this post, please feel free to email me.

245 Responses to “Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved”

  1. RGMatta Says:

    Hopefully the following may help explain what’s going on here. I just spent 2 hours on the phone with DELL tech support. My issue was caused by the fact that my residential gateway only has one ethernet port. I am using an ethernet switch to be able to connect three computers and a printer in my home network. Two of the computers are running XP SP3 and connect to the internet with no issues at all. The gateway is the switch. Win 7 is able to see this switch but it is transparent to all previous versions of WINDOWS. I think this is the “public network”. Win 7 is confused as to where to find an IP address, the gateway or the switch. What we did was to configure the one win 7 machine with a static IP address using the above illustration. You will need to get into your gateway to find a range of acceptable static IP addresses. So far it’s worked OK. I suspect that if my residential gateway had sufficient ethernet ports to accomodate my network, the issue wouldn’t have arisen at all.

  2. Lee Says:

    Much like the previous poster I have an unmanaged Ethernet switch on my network and I had to fully config a static IP. Just setting the gateway manually did not solve the problem.

    However, I truly appreciate your article pinpointing this issue. It was a great help in correcting my problem.

  3. Lee Says:

    One more item. I found this can also be related to having Adobe CS3 installed.

    Check this out.


    Thanks again!

  4. aarong Says:

    I have tried everything and my problem still remains. I cannot connect to a Homegroup, I have the “No connections are available” notice but yet I can connect to the internet. I called Dell for they’re assistance and they wanted to charge me $135.00 to SEE if they could fix my rather easy problem… I assume. I am at a lost and this is so frustrating. I don’t know what to do at this point.

  5. Happycamper Says:

    So glad this was posted! It saved me from pulling my hair out! I had to do what Lee did, I fully config’d the TCP/IP protocol w/ all the goodies and tah dah, it was on the network and into the internet like a charm!

    The bootup time is still terribly slow, so if anyone knows of a good fix for that, I’d be all for it!

    Thanks again, you all rock!

  6. Rrob Says:

    This helped, but why do I need to do all this all of a sudden when the connection was working fine (automaticly) only a few days ago?

  7. c day Says:

    My computer was working fine when I tried above suggested but since I get that message 1’ce a week w/no internet access I did it anyway. It asked for “sub mask something” & one popped up so clicked ok. Automatically lost internet so undid your suggestion.

  8. Happily resolved Says:

    i looked every for various solutions …but this one solved it instantly for me

    go to the device manager
    select network card
    right hand mouse button and go to properties
    then the advanced tab
    find network address
    select not present

    Now go to start and type CMD at the prompt type:
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew

    unidentified network resolved

  9. Ah Yap Says:

    Thank you for discussing this. I’ve bookmarked it so I could read it in the future.

  10. Michael Kenward Says:

    This seems to have solved a similar problem here. But, and this is why I report back, I found that there was an IP address in the suggested slot. (I have no idea how that happened.) This meant that I had an “Unidentified network”. By telling the thing to obtain an IP address automatically, it suddenly ceased being an Unidentified network.

    Same approach, different way round. But without this page I was floundering!”

  11. Malfoy Says:


    4 hours of f**king around with settings and reading and rereading the win7 forums and this fixed my issue straight away. I didn’t even need a reboot.

  12. Alex Says:

    Very usefull solved my issue +++

  13. scrubs76 Says:

    I have tried a number of these fixes and none seem to do the job for me.
    I have just bought an ASUS k-501 notebook running Windows 7 and I continue to recieve a DNS not responding message when I diagnose the connection error. I
    I am not very tech savvy so I don’t know how much info to provide.
    There are 2 other computers on the wireless network – a PC and another laptop both of which have no issues connecting to the net.

    Any help would be (understandably) most welcome.


  14. Pete Says:

    Many thanks for providing an effective remedy for a problem that’s been bugging me on and off for weeks.

    I got round to finding and then implementing your solution today when I was completely unable to connect to the Internet via one of my PCs

    On previous occasions I had switched the PC off and on restart, the Internet connection would (usually) be re-established.

  15. Mdage Says:

    I am having a similar problem but cannot seem to fix it by using the methods listed here (though not for lack of trying).

    Trying to connect 2 computers using a crossover cable for some file sharing, other computer appears in network page and am able to see the shared folders. However access to the shared folders is impossible as each brings up a similar error when clicked on:

    “You do not have permission to access //xxxx/xxxx Please contact your network administrator to request access.”

    Tried quite a number of different ways and am pretty sure has something to do with the fact that the connection continues to show as simply an Unidentified Connection with no abillity to change it.

    Any suggestions?

  16. Lisa Says:

    I tried the above, it was so easy to understand and the comments made me hopeful. But it was not to be for me, still have the same problem releasing/renewing IP also didnt help.

  17. mike Says:

    you’d think windows people would have fixed this by now, so fristrating, none of the above worked for me :(

  18. LE Says:

    Seems to be working. Thank you for the fix!

  19. happy camper Says:

    Thank you Happily resolved! You solved my problem!

    Other sites don’t specify the release and renew of the ip address, that was a critical step in my case. Reposting the steps for emphasis:

    go to the device manager
    select network card
    right hand mouse button and go to properties
    then the advanced tab
    find network address/locally administered address
    select not present or enter your mac address

    Now go to start and type CMD at the prompt type:
    ipconfig /release
    –wait for your nic to restart then type
    ipconfig /renew

    unidentified network resolved!

  20. Aubrey-Claude Says:

    I lost internet access after I removed a splitter from my computer and directly plugged the Ethernet cable back in. for two days I tried to get internet access back and found this forum. At first I ran through all of the motions but nothing worked. I kept doing a combination of what was suggested and I believe what finally allowed it to work was resetting the router and modem and then the the cmd ipconfig stuff and setting the net 4 to my specefic routers ip.



  21. Holly Says:

    So I did this method, and the renew/release method,
    and the Unidentified Network issue is gone, been replaced with my home network, but I still can’t access internet through it.
    I know it’s me because every other system in my house can connect to the wireless network.

    When I changed the default gateway, I got a warning message but continued anyway, it said that the gateway I added didn’t work with my subnet

  22. Holly Says:

    Here’s the message I got when I followed instructions

    “Warning – The default gateway is not on the same network segment (subnet) that is defined by the IP address and subnet mask. Do you want to save this configuration?”

  23. MD Says:

    from another forum I was recommended to uninstal the router then reset the PC.
    The second netowork connection (Public unidentified) vanished, and solved the issue.

  24. Holly Says:

    Fixed it! If anyone is having the same problem I was having after changing the default gateway here’s what fixed it for me.

    – Click Start Button
    – Type: ncpa.cpl
    – Right click the Wireless Adapter and choose PROPERTIES
    – Click and highlight the Internet Protocol TCP/IP Version 4 option
    – Click the Properties button
    – Choose “Use the following IP address”
    – Enter the following for the IP address:
    – Enter the following for the Subnet Mask:
    – Enter the following for the Default Gateway:
    – Choose “Use the following DNS servers”
    – Enter the following for the Primary DNS server:
    – Enter the following for the Secondary DNS server:
    – Click OK
    – Click OK
    – Reconnect to the wireless signal

    I still get another message, but I can connect to the internet now via wireless.

  25. Khrann Says:

    Was no help at all, have tried it all doesn’t work…

  26. Ronnie Says:

    Problems with internet connection, the new windows 7 i had installed yesterday and my internet connection is still normal last nite, when i shut down and reopen my pc this morning and it shows that i connected to public network and has only local network, what’s the problem and what can i do i solve it?

  27. Loladex Says:

    I’ve been trying for 3 days to solve this problems and with your explanation (#24) finally fixed and it’s working!

    I tryed all the other treads and none of them worked, so im my case 24 is the magic number.

    Once again ty!!!

  28. MsB Says:

    @24.Holly…Thnxxxxx a lotttt….u fixed my problem..wuhuuu…!!!God Bless You!=D

  29. Hydee Says:

    I tried enabling and disabling the local area connection…it did not work.
    I tried entering the IP address into the gateway field…it did not work.
    I tried resetting the modem and rebooting the computer…it did not work.
    I tried unplugging the power cord…it did not work.
    I tried changing the ethernet cable line to a new one…it did not work.

    Please help. I’ve tried almost everything and I’m not one of the lucky people that got it to work. My new computer is only about 4-5 months old and my new modem is way less than an year old. Everything was working well until this all of a sudden incident. I’m not wireless, I’m wired! Any other suggestions?

  30. james Says:

    do any have a software to recommend for free browsing, apart from Tor and videlia . thanks

  31. Kheira Says:

    i’ve just finished trying it but it doesn’t resolve the WIFI access limited problem.
    I setup ( IP and DNS adress),after that
    I tried to connect but i couldn’t, because of “DHCP not enable”,so
    the troubleshooter recommend to enable the DHCP, how? i dont’ know, so
    when asked to enable DHCP by W7 automatically it returns back to the first setting (automatic IP and automatic DNS).
    does it mean it is impossible to use a static IP and a static DNS,
    what ever i still have problems with wifi, need help (SOS) please

  32. adam Says:

    ty so much finially worked

  33. AlexD Says:

    No.24 Worked a charm, THANKYOU SO MUCH!

  34. Pat Says:

    Nothing works so far, not even 24.
    Keep having this Unidentified Network, no matter what I do, while my other computer on the same router works fine !!!
    I’ve seen this topic all around dating since 2009. It’d be time for an official solution to come out from Microsoft.

  35. ndop Says:

    wow, your information is very helpful. I’m so shy when I go to town and then find that my windows 7 cannot connect to wireless network. Other people can easily connect. But after read carefully your post, it is a huge help for me. Thank you so much for sharing…

  36. Goatman Says:

    Solution No. 24 is all well and good for your home network if you don’t need to go anywhere. Hard coding your IP settings will usually work but what do you do when you’re roaming around? I’ve been having the same problem as most people here. I’ve updated the wireless adapter (Atheros AR9285) drivers on my new HP mini, I’ve also brought my router up to the latest firmware revision (router is on the MS supported list). If I restart the router everything works OK until I have to shut down the machine or it shuts itself off. When I power it up again I get the “limited access” problem other people in this forum are seeing. Nothing fixes it except a restart of the router which is a useless solution if you’re on a public access site and have the same problem and just as stupid at home – setting to it to acquire an address via DHCP should always work!!!!! I too have other machines (running XP) also connected wirelessly with no issues whatsoever.

    I have NOT installed any antivirus yet, and I’ve tried it with the firewall disasbled. Makes no difference.

    Other note, connecting via ethernet cable always works.

    You can’t convince me that it’s a hardware issue anymore. I’ve been dealing with computers and their issues for over 15 years. I’ve seen a lot of the weird problems machines will have and have tried everything I can think of to resolve this, including a lot of the suggestions in a lot of different forums, but nothing I’ve tried so far has worked. I can see from the router’s logs that the mini tries to connect but doesn’t seem to handshake properly and finally times out. Again, a restart of the router always fixes it for a while but that’s a pretty lousy workaround.

    There are a lot of other people having this issue but MS is not owning up to it. See: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7network/thread/43f61a9c-069b-49ab-9f5b-f52ec2b1ef7e

    There’s a lot of defending of Win 7 there by a few. I’ve been a long time Windows guy but I’m getting really frustrated with this.


  37. Ken Says:


    After weeks of searching (which found lots of complaints but no good solutions) I found this site and applied the fix. Instant, easy, and permanent success!

  38. Jeff Says:

    Seems to have worked! Thank you, sir…

  39. Dumbo Says:

    using static ip address cures this unidentified network problem after using all the effort of trying other means, then the culprit is the DHCP pool in your network. DHCP pool is full and needs to release some DHCP addresses that usually leased for specific days and used by some PC’s or laptops

    remove pc’s/laptops in DHCP pool that is not present or not in the network. adjust lease time to working hours only…

  40. Andrew Hewett Says:

    Every time I left the network config windows, the address I entered would disappear. The other thing that happens is that it keeps changing the profile back from home to public and it says the windows firewall needs to be turned off. I turn it off, change to home network, change the ip address, reboot and it goes back to a public network with no access.

  41. Andrew Hewett Says:

    My problem is resolved and the fix did involve updating the Windows 7 Network Adapter’s IPv4 setting, but not the first few times I tried it. At first, every time I re-booted the update would disappear. Then, I spoke with someone else and they asked me if I had reset my router. I have three desktops plugged into a Linksys Wireless Router and I had updated the firmware on the router the night before all of this happened. The only computer that still connected to the Internet was the one I used to update the firmware. I used it to research the problem and that is when I found this page.

    After I reset the router (by unplugging it from the power source, waiting a few minutes and then plugging it back in), I was able to set up a Home Network and use the Local Area Connection to connect to the Internet. However, I was left with two Networks. I had an Unidentified Network (public network) and a Network (home network). I tried everything I could to delete that public network connection. Nothing worked. I kept getting a message that it could not be deleted because it was in use.

    Then I re-booted and the home network connection disappeared! I was back to two networks and no Internet. I clicked on the Home Network Connection, disabled it, then enabled it. I worked, again, and I had Internet.

    I was about ready to settle for that and just reset after a reboot, when I decided to check the Network Adapter’s IPv4 settings. What I found were two addresses in the Default gateways IP addressess. One was a 169… the other was a 192….. address. I deleted the 169 address and the public network disappeared! I rebooted and all was well.

    After researching the Internet I found several recommendations to fix it, but nothing from Microsoft. I don’t know if my personal experience will help anyone but I thought I would submit it, just in case.

  42. Gil Says:

    I’ve tried everything, and nothing worked. Its outrageous that MicroSoft made Windows 7 so that it won’t connect to the Internet.
    How did I know that plugging in a new network cable would lead to 12 hours of frustration (and still counting).

  43. mrock Says:

    i’ve the same problem and i ‘ve tried all the above solutions, but my problem was solved only when i followed the solution in comment #24 by Holly. it worked like a charm.

  44. vaibhav Says:

    I have tried the above solution but they have not worked for me.I am using WIN 7 Ultimate my default gateway is still changes.I remember that this problem was started since i installed Tuneup Utilities 2010. Any solution will be appreciated.

  45. Windows 7 Reboot locks up Router DG834GT Says:

    […] 7 Reboot locks up Router DG834GT Bit of googling found these two possible culprits…. Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved Fixing connection issues when is set as the default gateway – Windows Live What do you […]

  46. Mike Pace Says:

    Thanks Holly your information was very helpful internet works like a charm now!!!!!

  47. Chris Says:

    I had the same problem with my win 7, in my case it was because i installed adobe cs3 and the bounjour service was messing network config, but only if it started before other services, so in the windows services.msc i change the properties from automatic exec to automatic(delayed) and works perfectly fine now

  48. Licious Says:

    It worked. Just like magic :))) Thanks a lot Molly- you saved lots of my nerves :))

    – Click Start Button
    – Type: ncpa.cpl
    – Right click the Wireless Adapter and choose PROPERTIES
    – Click and highlight the Internet Protocol TCP/IP Version 4 option
    – Click the Properties button
    – Choose “Use the following IP address”
    – Enter the following for the IP address:
    – Enter the following for the Subnet Mask:
    – Enter the following for the Default Gateway:
    – Choose “Use the following DNS servers”
    – Enter the following for the Primary DNS server:
    – Enter the following for the Secondary DNS server:
    – Click OK
    – Click OK
    – Reconnect to the wireless signal

  49. Miklo Says:

    you sir are a hero

  50. Michelle Says:

    (I too had been trying to fix this for over a week)

  51. Theodore Says:


  52. gdawg Says:

    To Mat:

    I have a ZyXEL router wired via cable to my Dell Inspiron 530S. I tried your solution but it didn’t work for me. I’ve found that if I right-click on the Network Icon and right-click on the Network Adapter, chose Properties and select disable then enable a few times the ethernet connects. So far that is the only thing that has worked for me. Thank you for your effort.

  53. Mr. Ice Says:

    Turn off/uncheck IPv6

  54. AJ Says:

    I found another issue with limited access. I had an expired McAfee Antivirus on my system, which was to be uninstalled as per my to do list and was too busy with the network issue that I didn’t do that. But apparently as soon as I uninstalled McAfee the internet worked fine. I got my internet back and no other settings were changed and no reboot.

  55. Pratibha Says:

    @holly….after tryin on all the solutions….yours was the one that worked for me…thanks for puttin it up……xxxxxx

  56. Pelle Says:

    Nothing of these tips worked for me.. :( I can surf without any problems on my macbook laptops and imac, but windows 7 64bit just says Unidentified Network and “limited access” whatever of all these tips i try..

    i have an ADSL-modem, and then connected to that is a Netgear N-router.. and if i use the builtinwireless of the adsl modem everything works.. but i really not like that config.. so anyone have some uber megatips that they forgott to tell.. please leave a line.. :/ (and oh.. yeah i agree with someone saying that Microsoft should adress this issue)

  57. tony Says:

    it workssssssssssssssss 2 days with my ip and 2 days with acer cannot fix it and you did. you’re the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Kyriel Says:

    Well it says for me The troubleshooter DNS server doesn’t response Im live in Hungary if that counts anything … atleast i have now this 1 and only 1 error message .. any fix for it?

  59. sys-eng Says:

    After firmware updates, driver updates from Intel, and all the other suggestions; the problem was solved by updating the BIOS. It appears that the BIOS update is required for the new Intel driver to work properly. This was on a Dell 530 built in 2008.

  60. Louisa Lanfear Says:

    I had exactly the problem that was so clearly set out at the start of this thread, but it took me a week to get to that stage. On the way I accused practically every program I had installed. In the process I think I reinstalled windows 7 about as many times as there were days in a week. Once I noticed the unidentified network, I was well on the way to solving the problem.

    I have an BT total Broadband ADSL internet connection through a single LAN connection – there is no other item connected at all.This led me to wonder how there could be an unidentified network. I stumbled upon the fact that I could disable the connection, then reconnect, and everything would be fine, until I shut down.

    Restarting did non seem to have the same effect – the re-start was often OK. But I did not feel I wanted to disable and re-enable the connection every time I started up. The normally very helpful BT Desktop help could not identify, much less cure to problem. I had to smile when windows troubleshooter, having also failed to find/correct the problem, offered other alternatives – all of which involved using the internet, which I didn’t have.

    By a process of elimination I found the culprit was the Bonjour routine/program that came with Adobe CS3. It is something to do with finding network devices – but since I don’t have a network and I don’t use the other Bridge and other photoshop extras, it was an irrelevance to me. Bonjour sets the IP addresses to a default Changing to the I reasoned disabling it would do no harm.

    So I renamed the Bonjour folder XXBonjour, and everything was OK. I have since deleted it altogether, and for the last 2 days have had no further trouble. Wish I had seen this thread sooner – Chris above had identified Bonjour as a player, and Holly an answer. But I could not get on line, could I?

    I can understand the frustration – I’ve been there, all this last week, and I am no PR for Microsoft, but it is not Microsoft’s fault for what other programs do with their systems. Incidentally I found exactly the same problem came up with W7 Home Premium X86 as with W7 Ultimate X86.

    I am guessing, but it could be that the order in which Win7 processes programs and services during the boot process may be more of a decider as to whether you get 2 networks than which router you have or what make of PC.

    It occurs to me that there could be other programs than Bonjour mucking about in the same way, but I don’t have them, thank god

  61. KC Says:

    @ Louisa Lanfear

    Your XXBonjour solution worked perfectly for me, thank you very much for your post.

  62. Jenna West Says:

    Will this work solution work on other networks besides your “Home”? I keep getting “Limited Access” on my college campus as well as my friends houses..
    Thank you

  63. SuperStellar Says:

    For those of you who have tried all this to no avail. I think this might help you guys. Go to your ControlPanel and click on Device Manager. If you don’t see it change the “view by” to icons. Once in Device Manager, click on network adapters. In the drop down you should see your networks, select the wireless one. Right click it and select uninstall. in the pop-up make sure the option to delete device software is unchecked. (Don’t forget this). Once it’s uninstalled go to the top left of Device Manager where it says action. Click on it and select “scan for hardware changes” it should automatically reinstall the driver. Then turn the comp. off, turn off your router(unplug it from power). Turn them back on, log on and enjoy the internet.

  64. dafidi Says:

    ” No Network Access – Limited Access”

    I recently did factory resetting on my laptop and downloaded all my files into my computer which has been working good before then. Now my laptop cannot connect the internet in my home again showing “unidentified network” and “limited access”but I’m able to connect my neighbor’s internet from my home on wireless network connection. I use windows 7 and linksys router. I have tried your suggestion but this has not worked for this issue. My surprise is that the wireless network connection shows my ssid name but with limited access yet not connected. What else can I do?

    dafidi (dave9940@yahoo.com)

  65. jones Says:

    What about the ltd access

  66. Arty Says:

    thanks so much! This totally worked for me

  67. Mike Parker Says:

    Unplugging my router, waiting, and plugging it back in solved this problem for one of my Win7 PCs. But the other requires a static IP address and DNS to get Internet access, which defeats the purpose of a wireless connection. I still haven’t figured out a permanent solution.

  68. Miranda Says:

    After trying to fix this for over a month all it took was uninstalling McAfee from my computer. I have Windows 7 and it just randomly decided not to allow me to connect to the internet any longer. It would tell me “Unidentified Network” on my own home network, wireless and wired. I’d updated my firmware for my router, had attempted to force the IP and DNS and anything else you can think of, but nothing worked. I uninstalled that garbage known as McAfee and next thing you know I’m surfing the net.

  69. JJ Says:

    My internet sometimes needs the occasional reboot with windows 7 to get rid of the no internet access problem but i turned on my dell laptop one day and found that i had unidentified network and no network access. i have been trying to solve the problem for about 3 days now and still havnt found a solution. i have tried every fix i have come across but none have worked. Please could someone help me? I find this very frustrating so if anyone has any usefull suggestions i could try please email them to me at ultimatesuperhero@live.com :) thank you

  70. Jamie Says:

    I experienced the same problem (connection established but no internet access) randomly after a week or so of no problems with my new DELL laptop. Tried most of the above with no success, and decided to uninstall the free Norton anti-virus that came with the computer – internet up and running straight away……

  71. Matt Says:

    I have done all of the above and also installed the latest drivers for the broadcom ethernet. Still no luck. I had previously been able just to plug in my computer at work. No passwords are on the network and nothing on the network has changed since it previously worked. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  72. Rao Says:

    I uninstalled Mcafee anti virus and it solved the problem.which I was strucggling for 2 weeks.I installed Defender as protector for anti virus on windows7.Hope Defender will defend my system from viruses.

  73. wepeccant Says:

    I recently got bit by the limited access network problem and here’s the solution I found.

    I am running Vista Home Premium. Recently I tried to install Microsoft Security Essentials. The install failed.

    As I researched this, I found that I had not gotten any Windows updates in several months.

    So I decided to go back to the last recover point, which was around the time I stopped getting OS updates.

    After going back to the recovery point and rebooting, I lost Internet connectivity.

    Running ipconfig showed an ip address that started with 169, so I knew that my router didn’t give me an IP address as it should with DHCP turned on. Also, there was no gateway.

    I searched the Internet for solutions and tried all sorts of things (the regedit solution, a new, different second NIC card, tested the CAT 5 network cable with another computer, turned some services off, turned other services on), but nothing seemed to work.

    Then when I looked at my network stack, I saw the standard Client for Microsoft Networks and the TCP/IP protocols, but I also saw an entry from Symantec.

    My computer from HP came bundled with a trial subscription to Norton Anti-Virus. The subscription had expired some time ago and before installing MS Security Essentials, I uninstalled Norton using standard Vista software removal procedures.

    Well it seems that the standard procedure doesn’t always work right. I found a reference at a Windows Q&A site to a Norton utility that would remove all traces of Norton products in the event that a partial install was creating problems.

    I downloaded the tool from Symantec Norton’s site, and presto my problem disappeared completely. Within twenty minutes, I had the almost 50 OS updates I missed downloaded and installed, along with MS Security Essentials.

    So watch out friends. A partial or otherwise corrupted Norton Anti-Virus install could be your problem too!

  74. Johnny Says:

    My problem came about when I connected to a friends router and then came home and couldn’t connect to my own router due to limited or no connectivity
    to unidentified network.

    I had the same problem except enabling and unenabling the wireless adapter didn’t work at anytime. I tried Holly’s solution and that didn’t work. So I kept it on obtain IP automatically and DNS automatically. I took off the Bonjour Service as mentioned above somewhere and that didn’t help either but I left it off anyways. I also did that whole CMD IP/retrieve stuff but to no avail. But then I uninstalled and re-installed my network adapter in the device manager and I’m now connected again :) – What a joke!

  75. FTI Says:

    Bought a 900 euro Sony computer (running Windows 7) which worked fine for a month… then poof… no network connection – limited access – etc.. After trying all the suggested fixes; uninstalling MacAfee worked for me as well. No idea what happend. Now I’m wondering what virus program to run.


    Hope this helps someone as well.

  76. Luisa Says:

    Tried everything, including 24, and nothing has worked. I am so frustrated, especically because my internet was working fine one day and the next, nada. I am using Win7 Starter, could this be why nothing is working?

  77. brembo244 Says:

    None of this fixes has worked for me it says Network Home but suddenly changes to Unidentified Network and it drops dead.It sometimes works fine for 1-2 days but now it has dropped for aprox 20-30 times so far, i’ve tried release/renew;reset winshock catalog or something like that;resetting the modem;enable/disable network card and LAN connection, they all worked temporarily not even until reboot.This is very disturbing and annoying.

  78. justhappy Says:

    tnx you happily resolved .. finally , i was able to connect to the internet, however the unidentified network thingi still shows … but still big thanks to you .. I can now use my laptop .. 😀

  79. OnlyMe Says:

    Thank you SuperStellar #63. Tried your suggestion and internet is now up and running. Guess it saves me from smashing my laptop to bits. Cheers!

  80. jangaboo Says:

    I think its related to my Linksys WRT54GL router running tomato firmware, under basic settings there’s an area called Static DNS with 3 lines of – I entered instead on line 1 and my new netbook (Windows starter 7) noticed the other computers in the LAN but i lost internet for all the devices setting that

    …cousin who runs Vista on his HP laptop could also never get an IP address it would say limited connection but all the other computers running XP and 1 OSX snow leapord had no problem

    i managed to get my netbook working for internet access again but i’m not entirely sure if its because i uninstalled the wireless network card and it installed itself again or some of the thing i tried at the start with my router

  81. Kristie Says:

    I was having the same problems as all the above. I did the online chat with the router company, did the same with dell. so finally i called dell, they wanted to charge me 129 to fix it, said my computer was probably infected. I found this site, did all the stuff with ip address and such, but nothing. Finally i saw one that said to uninstall the macafee (mine was expired as well) i did and bam it works! thanks so much for the help!

  82. Jonathan Says:

    I had this problem for the first 2 days after i purchased my new netbook. This may sound stupid but that’s what happened to me. Apparently with windows 7 when you enter the wrong password into the wireless network, windows 7 will not tell you that you’ve entered the wrong password. Instead it will just say “limited acccess / unrecognized network”. So before you try anything else, make sure you’ve typed in the right password. Also, set the IP4 to obtain IP address automatically. Check and recheck.

  83. finally Says:

    I tried everything on this page and nothing worked until I got to 23, that worked instantly. Thank you!

  84. wissam Says:

    just reset your modem (not the wifi) by pressing the reset button for atleast 30 sec.. u will need to configure it after reset but thats work.. i had this problem for an entire week but i finally solved it..

  85. Gem Says:

    Number 63 worked for me, after trying everything else in this thread – I simply uninstalled my wireless adapter and reinstalled it. Thanks so much for your help, very much appreciated!

  86. Anza Says:

    Thank you (24) …
    its much help…

  87. [CRASH] Laptop Crashes after creating Network Bridge Says:

    […] Laptop via ethernet cable and my wireless internet router. Work no problems after entering the IP: Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved Testing on all devices connected to home network and internet was available on all. However after […]

  88. Happy 2011 Says:

    I tried everything….until I uninstalled the Mcafee anti virus software! Now is working!!! Thanks everyone! 😀
    and Happy New Year!

  89. Rooster Says:

    post 63 SuperStellar

    Thanks yours was the only one that worked out of all of them

  90. Tim Says:

    tried them all on a Dell Inspiron, removing McAfee did the job…thanks for the tips. God Bless.

  91. 7FREAK Says:

    I’d try all the solution given, but it still can’t work…local area connection show the same problem “unidentified network”..”no internet access”..
    I can only connect via wireless network that were very slow compared to when I’m using cable..

  92. Mark G Says:

    Fantastic!! After about 5 hours trying and searching, it was removing McAfee that did the trick!!!

  93. adriana Says:

    Well, in our case nothing of the topics above worked. we did next steps:

    1. go to the your manufacturer website and download the last upgrade for your wireless driver
    2. uninstall the wireless drivers (for hp: driver broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n
    3. restore to default your firewall
    4. install the new driver
    5. restart your pc

    good luck, hope this works

  94. Tillier Says:

    Thank You !!!!!!! Didn’t work initially but after about 30secs it decided that it wanted to :)

  95. Chris Says:

    Omg thanks I love u, god bless u!

  96. Taylor Says:

    The author’s suggestions worked, but I had to go through the steps every time I reconnected to my home network after going to school. #63 finally cured the problem for good. Thank you!

  97. Some Black Guy Says:

    Thanks..I uninstalled mcafee and it’s as good as new

  98. Fiona Says:

    Just spent two days trying to sort this problem, and like quite a few others uninstalling mcafee worked for us too! Thank you vey much!!!

  99. Cai Says:

    Uninstalling McAfee worked perfectly. Thanks a lot!

  100. Zach Says:

    24.Holly ur a GOD I spent hours and ur suggestion worked out of 30 suggestions!

  101. madevva Says:

    ditto as post 31.

    please solve my problem

  102. wellville Says:

    I still have the same problem, have tried all of the suggestions here and elsewhere, and still an unidentified network with no connection to the internet. Just for fun, if we took all the Google hits on this problem (about 295,000 when I searched it) times the number of hours it takes people to find a fix (conservatively, 6 hours) times $35.00 an hour for people who work with computers, we get a lost productivity cost of $61,950,000.00!!! Nearly 62 million dollars of time and effort lost because Microsoft can’t fix Windows 7 to work properly. And that’s just this one problem. If Win7 wasn’t Swiss cheese, one solution would work for everyone. As it is, there are so many things that can go wrong and drive people crazy, it’s shameful!

  103. Eguerrero824 Says:

    So after tryin everything here except uninstalling my antivirus I was going to ive my laptop a very quick fix with my hammer. but after along deliberationand finally deciding to uninstall it, I did and vuala! Everything returned to normal. My antivirus WAS AVG IS 2011.

  104. Shane Says:

    @wellville, with all due respect mate, from the fixes found above it has been either:
    – a lack of gateway configured (whether that was through DHCP or locally with a fixed IP configuration),
    – some other non-MS application setting a gateway of (Apple Bonjour and McAfee AV)
    – the firmware of the internet router
    – an unmanaged switch returning an address of

    In all these cases, Windows 7 is not at fault. Windows 7 has a new deliberate security feature that it protects you against unidentified networks. This is a very good thing ! The issue is old hardware or badly programmed current software hasn’t got with the program yet.

  105. manzzzz Says:

    First, i do follow the topic, it don’t change, so don’t work.
    Then, i do follow Holly and Licious, it changes, and I am observing it

  106. phogville Says:

    Disabeling McAfee is the only solution that has worked for me but I have over 2.5 years left on my subscription. My wireless internet has worked just fine on my laptop with no problems, while running McAfee, for around 6 months now (since I bought it) so why would McAfee out of the blue not allow me to connect to the internet?

    Doesn’t seem like a good idea to get rid of McAfee when it is supposed to protect my computer. Two days of reading all kinds of failed solutions and to me it does seem like it is a windows 7 issue b/c I am running windows xp on my desktop and work laptop and they work just fine.

  107. Lornaben Says:

    Tried allsorts of ‘cures’ but non were successful. I finally entered all the IP’s and subnet masks manually and hey presto, I got a connection. The fault is in the network software on the PC ie Windows 7. The same pc connected OK to a side channel on the same router (BT FON) with no problem. All the other PC’s I have connect no problem (XP, VISTA and 2 other windows 7 PC’s)

  108. kt Says:

    I disabled the mcafee network agent and the mcafee firewall core service.
    but I think it is a Windows 7 issue becausie I was able to connect to the internet just fine on my laptop with McAfee for 5 months since I bought it preinstalled with Windows 7. Then suddenly yesterday it stopped and I was not able to connect to the internet even with the cable. Now. I have to figure out how to protect my computer . any ideas? Should I just reinstall Windows 7 instead?

  109. shelyn Says:

    i tried all, none work except no 63. as for now, i am still not very sure whether it is really permanent or a temporary respite. however, i still hope that this is a permanent solution! thank you! xD

  110. Ray Readrdon Says:

    Removing mcafee has worked. Thanks for the tip. It doesn’t surprise me as I am a computer tech and know that mcafee is total garbage. Avoid at all costs.

  111. lobby Says:

    Turn off Mcafee firewall and works okay.

  112. Angie Says:

    Thank u guys for taking time out of your schedules to help those who are beyond frustrated. I spent 4-5 hours (on two different days) with DELL just for them to try to convince me to purchase the $125 software….NOT!!!!…..Removing McAfee finally fixed the issue everyone else seemed to have. U Guys ROCK!!! :-}…..S/N: The Dell rep even asked me if I had McAfee installed, which I found odd, and still didnt mention that it may be the issue.

  113. mike Says:

    Thanks alot for this. I removed McAfee and it solved the problem for me.

  114. Michee Says:

    Matt!!!! You’re a genius!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Bill K Says:

    Uninstall McAfee!!!! Thanks to those of you who suggested this (and the others as well). I tried several of the suggestions and nothing worked until I uninstalled McAfee (I never even activated it…it just came with this laptop that I bought a week ago). My internet connection was working fine for the first week and then I experienced the “unidentified network/limited access” issue. It is now resolved with no other issues…

  116. newtoncrosby Says:

    I encountered this problem and did the following:
    1. Updated Bonjour (downloaded an application from Apple),
    2. Disabled the service ##Id_String2.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##,
    3. Uninstalled Office 2007,
    4. Enabled and disabled the LAN interface,
    5. Checked ip configuration (ipconfig /all) and noticed no default gateway so I took note of the previous working settings and manually set the NIC’s configuations,
    6. Unchecked IPv6, Discovery Mapper and Discovery Responder in the NIC’s settings,
    7. Tweaked the firewall settings on my AVG 9.0 antivirus software, and
    8. Decided to use the main UTP cable (I am hooked on a 5 port SMC switch)
    …And none worked, til finally, I decided to reboot the modem. AND EVERYTHING WORKED FINE SINCE THEN. Whew!

  117. silentrain108 Says:

    I tried using #24’s solution but for some reason it wouldn’t allow me to click “properties” for IPv4. Any ideas why that is? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

  118. Rebecca Says:

    I just did a clean install of Windows 7. I have no programs installed and no antivirus (which has been fine since it has never connected to the net) My router is working fine though I have unistalled and reinstalled it several times. I have a laptop connected through it also whish is running vista, and working perfectly. I have switched all of the cables and everything works on the laotop while nothing in the desktop. I even pluged straight into the modem and still no connection, so I do not believe it is a hardware issue. I have spent haours and days trying absolutely everything in this thread and a few others. I even called my ISP and they had no idea what was wrong. Is this a windows & Issue? I dont know what to do and i need my computer for school by Monday. I might just sell it and buy a laptop. Grrrr!!

  119. Soxbills Says:

    Thanks, the ipconfig/release/ ipconfig/renew has worked for me 3 or 4 different times

  120. AKe Says:

    Thanks mate. It’s resolved with Add default gate way.

  121. Brown Suga Says:

    OMG!!! after 3 days of trying things, came across this page. DO YOU KNOW I had to remove McAfee?!?!?! WOW

  122. Joe Madrid Says:

    @ 63 ´Superstella´ thannnk you so much. your advice to uninstall the network adaptor and then quickly reinstall it again worked instantly! all the other advice regarding IP adresses and the like hadnt worked previously and i was starting to give up hope!
    many thanks again

  123. Alex Says:

    Okay, I just got a new dell running 7 Pro, uninstalled McAfee right away and threw on Microsoft Security Essentials. The wireless connection worked fine for a few days and then suddenly I get the unidentified network with limited internet access. I can connect to the router just fine through a hard line. The router’s firmware is up to date along with the network adapter drivers. I have tried releasing and renewing through the command prompt and manually setting an IP address through the adapters properties. My next step will be downloading the intel adapter drivers, uninstalling the wireless card and reinstalling with the new drivers. If that doesn’t work, someone has to have a fix for this.

  124. petersf Says:

    Super, this fixed my problem.

    I got the needed info from my router and entered it into adapter setup as you described. I needed to setup the IPv4 Address, the subnet Mask, Default Gateway along with the DNS Server addresses.

    I got my router’s info by first getting my adapter to connect to my router. I did this under “Change adapter settings”. I right clicked on my “Local Area Connection” selecting disable. Then, when it settled I again right clicked on my “Local Area Connection” this time selecting enable. This connected my adapter to the router for me. I could see this connection under “Network and Sharing Center”, seeing my “Local Area Connection” access type being “Internet”.

    Then, under “Network and Sharing Center” I clicked on “Local Area Connection” and selected “Details”. With my adatper connected to the router this showed the router’s IP addresses setup that I entered into the adapter. As described, the router’s info was entered under “Change adapter settings”, right clicking on my “Local Area Connection” and selecting Properties. The values were entered under “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) ” selecting Properties. In there I needed to enter the data under both the IP Address and DNS Server sections.

    After saving the setting I rebooted and saw my network connection working.

  125. Tasos Says:

    I have the same issue because i use Vmware… I’m looking for a solution now and i will post back

  126. tasos Says:

    ok i have found this solution too (for people that they have such problem when they use vmware)

    Run regedit
    Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
    Underneath you should see several keys labeled 0000, 0001, 0002 etc… Look through these and find the VMware adapters. They will probably be near the end of the list if you just installed VMware.
    For each of the VWware adapters, add a new DWORD value named “*NdisDeviceType” and set it to 1 (make sure you get the * at the beginning of the name, I missed that the first time).
    Disable and Enable each of the network adapters.

    That should take care of the problem. Setting *NdisDeviceType to 1 causes Windows to ignore the device when it does network identification.

  127. tasos Says:

    Last, but not least, such an issue can occur with the new (windows7) Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Mini Port. I have disabled it and my connection is fine now… Still testing, thought!

  128. Michael Says:

    INSTANT internet connection once Mcafee was uninstalled. Such a simple solution to an ridiculous problem.

  129. Simon Says:

    This thread wasn’t of much help either… I purchased an Acer Netbook three days ago and ever since it came out of the box I’ve been unable to connect to the internet at all, not even with the cable (which is really weird). Internet works for all the other 5 laptop and stationary computers in the house so it’s not a faulty router. Or do routers have a limited amount of slots reserved by laptops even when they are shut down?

    It says connections are available, I get a strong signal and it does pick up the SSID but it just says IPv4-6 connectivity is “not connected” and the connection status is “limited access”.

    I’ve uninstall McAfee, told the computer to not turn off the adapters to save power, tried entering a fixed IP, checked the drivers, yet there’s something fundamentally wrong that I’ve overlooked, because no one seems to have the same issue as me.

  130. pagna Says:

    #24 worked fine. Thanks to holy. You are my real hero.

  131. Tom Says:

    Hi guys i have a problem…..

    I can’t get my switch to work….
    When i take a cable from the internet output i have internet. But when i try to connect the internet to a router and then get internet on two other computers it dosen’t work. it says unidentified connection. Any ideas?

    Please help.

  132. Kevin Says:

    No. 68 works THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! after uninstalling MCAFEE reboot my acer laptop then opened IE whoalaaa!!!! surf the net!!!

  133. Denil Says:

    Many Thanks to Matt for posting this very useful troubleshoot. But I would recommend to not only add default gateway as he said as it didn’t resolve my issue. I had to manually enter all the ip address, subnet mask, default gateway, preffered dns server and its done. Just restarted the pc and now it works like a charm.
    To know your ip address and all just run cmd and type ipconfig /all and look under the “Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection”. You’ll get all the data to fill in your manual ip setup.

    I recommend all to do this. Its guaranteed.

  134. amit Says:

    No solution described above worked. I have acer aspire 4736z laptop with windows 7 installed. It is able to connect to my ofc adsl wireless system but is unable to connect to my house adsl wireless system (limited connectivity). Please..help me…

  135. ok Says:

    amit, i have the same laptop and had the same issue. however, after uninstalling McAfee it worked.

  136. Andy Says:

    Number 24 is working so far but I’m sure I will get the limited access warning again soon.The way I fixed it in the past is to unplug the Linksys usb adapter and plug it back in. It would work for an hour or so but needed a fix that lasted. The one thing no one ever says is what machine do you do it on. The host machine or the one that recieves the wireless signal? As I was writing this I recieved the waring again so not fixed after all.

  137. Andy Says:

    Zero Point One Wireless Networking Utility Helper. Try this I did and working so far. Just search it and download it and run.

  138. Andy Says:

    None of it worked will post again when I find a real solution.

  139. Ken Says:

    Holy Cow! If you just want to use wireless around the house then do what Molly says (#24). I’ve been about to throw this new PC out the window but now it works.

  140. Andy Says:

    Okay I changed the security settings to WEP, I know less secure, but I made my SSID invisible so no one knows it is there. I have been on line without the limited connection warning for a while now. Been working on this for 3 days so I hope the warning does not appear again! Like I said I used WEP and on the wireless PC I used a open key (No authentication/open). Just go into your routers settings and you can change the security there. Just because it worked for me does not mean it will work for you. I have seen many solutions that worked for everyone but if you have researched this like I have and have found no solution give this a try. Good luck everyone! I have decided networking is very difficult for the novice.

  141. Mel Says:

    Thankyou… thankyou…. thankyou!!!!!

    After a week of having this problem intermittently, I could not get online all day on my new Win 7 PC…..

    After 5 1/2 hours of googling with my notebook sat next to my new PC and a hundred attempted ‘fixes’ later, I found this page. The fix worked instantly!!!!!

    I shan’t even mention the hour long call to ‘tech support’ in Mumbai….. the clumps of hair lying on the floor next to my desk are a testament to that…..!

  142. udi Says:



  143. Ray (Philippines) Says:

    Hi guys,

    I tried many fixes just to fix this problem but nothing worked.

    So, I just tried my own solution making something up. And, guess what, It worked.
    Here is my solution and hoping to hear some feedback.

    – Open Device Manager
    – Network Adapters > Properties of your network card
    – Go to Advanced tab
    – I disabled all that ends with “(IPv4)” without quotes
    – It worked

    I’m still need feed back if what I did is right.

  144. CSA Says:

    I see this problem of mine and all of you is quite old, from 2010.

    I tried the opposite from #140, inicially WEP engryp, now WAP. Don`t fix.

    I agree with #36 and #67, static IP works, but it not a long term solution, as I use the laptop with many network.

    I see it`s not a sony vaio problem, neither a Intel Centrino N6205 exclusi problem.

    My note works perfectly at work, other houses, even with my iphone (personal acess point).

    As I don`t have any problem with other devices, my conclusion is that it`s a software problem (Win7 64) problably conflicting with the DHCP. In fact, i have exactly the same config at work and at home, there are just different models of Dlink routers – and at work there is no problem !!

    I had static DHCP adress configured, and the problem comes over and over.

    Now I have just set for dynamic DHCP, tried (turn off & on) some times, and it`s still working fine.

    BUT this should not be exactly the solution, `cause most people problably already has the dynamic, AND I have also de static at work.

    So, my real conclusion is that I have no conclusion yet.

    Next steps, no. 47, no. 59, no. 63, if needed.

  145. Timmy Says:

    After 5+ hours of searching about the “Unidentified Internet,” I tried most of what the comment here suggested. I was reminded of a possible Windows update but couldn’t figure out what it was called. So being frustrated, I just did the simplest thing in the book and did a system restore.

    After clicking the system restore, I saw a restore date, indicating a Windows Update labelled as “Critical.” So I restored my computer just before that update was installed and finally got my internet to work again! Maybe you guys can try the System restore method if you recently or accidently updated your windows. Good luck you guys! I feel your pain!

  146. E.la Says:

    After trying every fix and still having no progress, I decided to change the ethernet cable to a C5e ethernet cable (I was connected with a 5e before) and the problem was solved immediately…….

  147. CSA Says:

    Well, me again.

    i tried no. 47, 59 and 63, did not work.

    BUT i finally found out my problem: When i saw the same problem with a brain new win7 without any other program, i realized that the problem could only be in the router (dlink DI-624)

    So i just made a firmware update and finally it ‘s working!

    At work i have a DI-624S without update and it has always worked well.

    But, obviously there’s some kind of incompatibility with win7, cause there is(was) no problem with any other older version. Perhaps it’s this “Critical update” said on no. 145, all my windows were updated.

    Good luck for everybody

  148. TheRandyman Says:

    Post #63 was the fix for me!! It was ridiculously simple and painless, compared to the hours I have spent trying to resolve this problem. I’ve copied it for easy reference:

    #63 SuperStellar Says:
    October 18th, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    For those of you who have tried all this to no avail. I think this might help you guys. Go to your ControlPanel and click on Device Manager. If you don’t see it change the “view by” to icons. Once in Device Manager, click on network adapters. In the drop down you should see your networks, select the wireless one. Right click it and select uninstall. in the pop-up make sure the option to delete device software is unchecked. (Don’t forget this). Once it’s uninstalled go to the top left of Device Manager where it says action. Click on it and select “scan for hardware changes” it should automatically reinstall the driver. Then turn the comp. off, turn off your router(unplug it from power). Turn them back on, log on and enjoy the internet.

  149. Bolide Says:

    I will have to say thanks for the post but it was not useful in my case. After two days of kicking my desktop around, I managed to remove the unidentified network by uninstalling my network card and reboot. On reboot, it install the driver back and now it is all working fine. I guess it depends on certain application running on your computer, for me it was 3D max 2011 the culprit – first i block it from accessing the internet, uninstall the network card software, reset the setting of 3D max and reboot.

  150. Filip Says:

    140. Andy: thx m8, u saved my nerves. Maybe is not safe but at least i have back my connection TY!

  151. Ant Says:

    I am trying to connect to a public wireless network. but it always show limited access. i have no problem connecting to my house and school wireless network. The above method(s) does not seems to work for me…

  152. edwin camilleri Says:

    thanks very much it fully worked for me but i had also to remove the McAfee software and install another. Now all is ok.

  153. Babs Says:

    OMG!!! After two full days of complete frustrations (I’m not exactly what you’d call a computer wiz!) I finally achieved success with #72. Damn you, McAfee!!! All you guys/gals with your various suggestions are great…Thanks!!

  154. SWEET Says:

    Thank you so much ….. I’ve spent so long on this bullshit …. I noticed a McAffie installed an update at the same time it stopped working… The Second I disabled the Firewall the internet Connected — Didn’t even have to uninstall ….. I was just about to bring it into the shop when I read the McAffie things…. Thanks Again Everyone!!

  155. Bernie Says:

    Hi all

    My trusty PC (running Win 7 Ult) over on Sat morning displayed the cursed no internet, it changed its network settings to an unidentified network and refused to reset the ip. After doing all the usual fixes and failing, system restore, /release, /renew, etc I backed up all my stuff and reformatted. Nothing. I reformatted again this time to Windows Vista home, then reformatted to Vista business. I bought a new NIC card, disabled the onboard one, nothing, took ages for it to even see the new card, which was unusal. Eventually after another reformat back to Win 7, it saw the new NIC, connected to the NIC, could see other computers on the network, no internet, did all the fixes again. Bought a wireless NIC, it saw the wireless NIC, and saw the hub but refused to recognise the SIDD. So I gdisked it 3 times this time, reformatted back toWin 7, this time allowed me to set the home network,(first time in couple of days) connected to the hub but again no internet. This has been reformatted a number of times so there should not be any residiual programs which should cause it not to connect. BTW I did phone BT and spoke to a nice girl in India, who couldn’t help. I did set static IP adressess, I did notice the 165…. ip adress and the 0.0. for the gateway. I am going to try again tonight, by gdisking a couple more times, I have reset the BIOS as well and will try that again. But would really welcome any suggestions.

  156. Mr_Mha Says:

    Thanks for everything… my problem solved now :)

  157. Lasherz Says:

    I’ve read every single one of these comments and was on the verge of throwing my computer into the swimming pool.

    I’ve chalked this problem up to an error in the network’s data. I know this because I reinstalled windows TWICE trying to get it to go away and it never did. Just when I was about to give up on my on board card I was tinkering with the two settings beginning in “wake on”, setting them to disabled to save power and immediately the internet kicked on.

    I know how you feel at this point, trust me. You’re reading all of the comments on this page with the veins on your neck pulsing like you’re going mad, but be thorough and the problem should be fixed for you too.

    When i turned the settings back on to see if the internet would fail again, it didn’t. This is the main reason for me thinking it’s a on-chip memory problem. When I set the magic packet setting I inadvertently fixed it by overwriting the error. If you’ve exhausted every resource on this page then this is probably your fix too (if not magic packet then one of the other settings).

  158. Lasherz - continued Says:

    The full process that I went through was this: — Everything on this page and then another reinstallation of windows.

    Now, right click on your network card under network connections and go to properties. When there click on configure and go to the advanced tab. There will be a list of different features that your network card has, I recommend changing the two settings (probably near the bottom) that start with “Wake on” to disabled. Most people don’t need these settings anyways unless it’s a work computer (so the IT dept. can update your computer at night). If this doesn’t solve you problem then go through the other settings and just switch them to some harmless value and then back to what it was.

    It sounds silly, but this whole freaking problem is silly, for lack of better words. I really hope this is your fix, but if not I’m sure there’s something out there just for your problem. It’s not worth spending money over unless you’re desperate. Even then just buy a network card, the settings should be different for a separate one.

  159. MARCELO Says:

    I ve tried everything, nothing, it is not hardware related since a live linux make it work fast and normal, it is not my router because another laptop works fine, i cant make it work wired or not, wifi problematic but also it is my LAN…. VIRUS??? all happened after a blue screen in W7… but again hardware is ok in linux it works….. what can it be?

    HP DV7, w7, unidentified network, no internet access, static ip does not work …

  160. Alex Says:

    Worked perfect! Thanks

  161. nfs Says:

    thanks a lot.#63 and #24 are very useful if you have tried everything.first do the step #63 and then #24 and enjoy the web.

  162. Cezariusz Says:

    I had similar issue. The static IP worked, but auto-config did not. After checking my router settings it seems that Win7 doesn’t like the last address of subnetworks – you can’t even set manually such address. For example – you can’t set your static IP to with submask
    When I checked my routed the end address was leased in DHCP client table for my PC with the problem. And when I tried to set it manually – I discovered the above.
    What I did was uninstall the network card on the PC and turn the PC off. Then I changed the DHCP range on the router to be one number less. This reset the router’s DHCP table. Then I turned on the PC and it installed the network card and it received new address from the router.
    I did not enlarge the DHCP range after that as it would again cause the trouble.

    It works like a charm now.

  163. Cezariusz Says:

    OMG, stupid me! Correction to my comment above. It’s 6 hours since I was trying to solve the issue and my brain is simply tired…
    Of course the last address is broadcast address! So the problem was in my router. First it allowed to set the broadcast address to DHCP range and then it assigned this address to the PC. Wonder how I set it like that in the first place…

    But anyway – it worth to check router’s settings to see if you also have such ‘dump’ router.

  164. Daniel Says:

    I tried to do ipconfig. An all black window pops up and then disappears. How can I look at the contents of the ipconfig?

  165. Inayatullah Says:

    We are using win7 as a client and Server 2003 as a Domain, some systems continuously facing the network and internet problems, when i re-boot the client system , Gateway is no showig remaining configuretion is properly showing , when enter the gateway again then only the Internet connection is working , please give me a good advise

  166. bubba j Says:

    4hrs in agony…tried all proposed solutions yet returns me all failed..except the MacAfee…it really did screw up my network connectivity…uninstalled it and voilla!!..get my internet back…thanx peeps!

  167. Bill Says:

    Holly’s fix worked for my right away !!

    tried reinstalling and nothing was working.

    thanks Holly !!

  168. Erica Says:

    Thank you for this article!! It led me to the right fix. THANK YOU!

  169. David Hutchison Says:

    tried many things listed here but finally got it to connect by UNINSTALLING anything McAFEE related AND BONJOUR!!!!!

  170. ammar Says:

    u r my god man 3 days of searching and then u r the god

  171. Rajesh Says:

    Hello Everyone..

    Please help me resolve this Unidentified Network issue. This has started coming after my Sony Vaio Laptop motherboard was changed, becuase of some hardware problem. I tried the following but the problem still persists

    a/. Deleting network driver and restarting the maching. Installed the driver again and updated it to the latest

    b/. Disabled all the services other than Microsoft services and restarted the laptop

    c/. Disable IP Helper service and DHCP client service and restarted the laptop

    d/. Network diagnostic gives Wireless Connection doesnt have a valid IP Configuration. Tried resetting the IPV4 and IPV6 setting using elevated comand prompt .

    The ipconfig settings are as follows

    Windows IP Configuration

    Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : DrYatha
    Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
    Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
    IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
    WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

    Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6200 AGN
    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-23-14-06-71-38
    DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
    Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
    Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::cde5:d28d:af91:857e%22(Preferred)
    Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . :
    Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
    Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
    DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 369107732
    DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01-00-01-13-3A-22-8C-00-24-BE-65-7A-ED
    DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . : fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1
    NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Enabled

    Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

    Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Atheros AR8131 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20)
    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-24-BE-EC-47-1C
    DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
    Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

    Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Network Connection:

    Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network)
    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 50-63-13-DB-A2-9E
    DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
    Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

    Tunnel adapter isatap.{CD40AA7C-180A-41BA-B841-54974EB12AC6}:

    Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft ISATAP Adapter
    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
    Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

    Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 11:

    Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface
    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
    Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

    Tunnel adapter isatap.{9961FF90-B862-4E14-AC52-C22BD9476B58}:

    Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #2
    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
    Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

    Tunnel adapter 6TO4 Adapter:

    Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft 6to4 Adapter
    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
    Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

    Tunnel adapter isatap.{97A8C9D1-D405-4B4F-BB4E-01BF772BE7AE}:

    Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #4
    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
    Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

    Tunnel adapter isatap.{808F88FB-B648-4C58-99E6-49C100905B12}:

    Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #5
    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
    Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

    Kindly help



  172. Migzz Says:

    I had the same problem. One thing that we have forgotten the Network card never resets.In order to fix it I shut down my laptop I have an Asus G5j unplug the battery and remove the battery for 5 minutes in order for the network hard to loss power and have a hard reset. Put it back together and voila hard reset on the card and your back using ethernet.

  173. Chad Says:

    Ok so here is what happened to me…

    I was online playing a game on my desktop (Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit) and BAM!! locked up, hung for a sec, then reboot.

    Once I was back to my desktop I had the NO ACCESS issue we are all talking about here. I tried everything suggested on all the google results I could get my hands on and nothing worked. (Luckily my Macbook never has issues!) I was on the verge of doing a clean install and decided to try one last thing….

    My MoBo is an intel DP45SG with an on-board Gigbit NiC. I opened my case and moved the CMOS jumper to the clear position and popped out the board battery for a few minutes. Once I was relatively certain the power had bled off, I put the battery back in and returned the jumper to the standard position. I think booted while pressing F2 to enter the bios. Since I do not do any overclocking or funky stuff, all I had to do was reset the time and date for the board. Then I saved and exited the bios.

    The machine booted back up and BAM!…. Fixed. For all of you out there that are about to reload the OS, give the CMOS a try first.

  174. Chad Says:

    Dont forget to power down and remove the power cable BEFORE opening the case and messing with the CMOS!!


  175. Cindy Says:

    thanks for the help!!!
    #63 WORKS….

  176. Tomislav Says:

    Thank you!
    I have spent 3 days trying to figure what is happening to my connections and what should i do to “kill” this one that blocked me from going to internet. Now , thanks to you, i did what u wrote here and i solved the problem!!! :)

  177. Jay Says:

    I feel like crying. this is my 8th hour and i read every single comment. tried every option and nothing. PLEASE HELP.

    i have windows 7 and yes i do have a router but i tried connecting directly from the moderm and the problem is still there. “unidentified network”. NOTHING will work. it came out of the blue after one BSOD. i have had this moderm for almost a year and never had any problems.

    after rebootin moderm, router, unplug, restart a gizzilion times. I dont have any macafee stuff but i uninstalled my avg 2012 thinking that could have been it.

    still nothing. after all the release or /renew.

    please help X_X

  178. Jay Says:

    oh by the way is a desktop. i have two laptops connected wireless to my router and ofcourse they all have internet. the only one w/o connection is me FML.

  179. abg Says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  180. Syb Says:

    I followed the manual setting stated in Matt’s post. Click on the radio button that reads “use t following DBS server address preferred “.


  181. blik Says:

    Thank you so much! This was very straight forward and extremely helpful.

  182. Aussiemike Says:

    Hi Guys, I just got a new hp pro box with windows 7. Been having the same problems as all above. Working now but for how long.
    My question is this.
    I have my old dell box with xp connected to a wireless router along with my toshiba laptop running vista. No problems with those machines. My problem is I do not have a wireless dongle that works with w7 no matter how many drivers I update. What I have done is used an ethernet cable between the dell and the HP. Sometimes I can see the dell from the hp and always I can see the hp from the dell.
    Q. How can I get internet connection from the dell that is getting it from the wireless router?
    Mike (Kenya)

  183. Andrew Says:

    Have a Win 7 computer exp’d problem for over 12 months thought it was my broadband providers fault and purchased a new router, still got problem with limited serv.. This week had telephone line socket replaced, noisy telephone line. Only this week thought that the fault lies with my Laptop.
    Uninstalled old version of Macfee and tried many other senarios above, still no luck.
    Decided to uninstall NORTON anti virus and noted that not all updates had installed. Have now re-installed Norton and have been on internet for over 1 hour and Limited Access triangle disappeared hopefully for GOOD!
    Best of luck!!

  184. Collin Walker Says:

    you sir, are a heroic genius.

  185. neuman Says:

    i am using tenda wireless wi:fi usb adapter in my pc,,i use it from my house owner router..he has given me password..after connecting within some days it says”windows was unable to connect to tenda”router is also of tenda..pls somebody help me out..pls to solve this problem

  186. James Says:

    Used every suggestion found on this page and nothing seemed to work. Uninstalled expired version of McCaffee and problem solved. I think it is wrong when a simple anti-virus program can manipulate an OS so easily that even when the user forces the use of IP addresses, the OS continues to listen to the program and ignores the users commands.

    Obviously this is one more reason for me to dislike windows and all windows based programs. Mac all the way.

  187. Shakib Says:

    My command prompt won’t give the numbers when i type in IPCONFIG.

  188. Shirley M Says:

    Worked a treat…thanks :)

  189. Jake Says:

    @54 OMG it worked! I had an expired Mcafee programme too. I just uninstalled it and boom!

  190. Dani Says:

    Thank you very much Holly! the comment number 24 really saved my connection!!. Nothing was working, i spent an entire day looking around. You are a saviour thank you!!!!

  191. David Nevue Says:

    I ran into this same issue with my wife’s laptop… everything was working fine until… it wasn’t. Tried many of the solutions here… nothing worked… until I uninstalled McAfee as suggested by others here. That did the trick. As soon as McAfee Internet Security was uninstalled, the network connection magically worked again. BTW… someone suggested just turning off the McAfee firewall. That didn’t help our situation… required a full uninstall of McAfee.

  192. Stacey Says:

    Uninstalled Mcafee and it worked like a charm! THANK YOU!!!

  193. Brian Weir Says:

    Thanks to all who suggested uninstalling McAfee. This was the fix for me. I now officially believe that Antivirus softwares are viruses in disguise. They slow down computers and try to hijack your computer every bit as much as any real virus out there.

  194. Rey Says:

    Check to see if you have this is in your services list: “##Id_String2.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B87 9762 ##”

    You can find it by right clicking on Computer/Manage/ Services and Applications/Services

    Click on String and it will hilight
    Click “Stop service”
    Right click on string and select properties or double click
    On the General tab/ Startup type: dropdown select “disabled” Click apply and OK Reboot PC


  195. Britta Says:

    Wow. Have had our computer for like 2 years and all of a sudden it just starts listing our wireless as “limited access” and connecting us to an “unidentified network.” What the heck!?!
    Spent about 2 hours doing everything I could with all of the comments on here and finally did #63 and it WORKED! Hallelujah!

    Here it is reposted by me.

    “SuperStellar Says:
    October 18th, 2010 at 6:15 pm
    For those of you who have tried all this to no avail. I think this might help you guys. Go to your ControlPanel and click on Device Manager. If you don’t see it change the “view by” to icons. Once in Device Manager, click on network adapters. In the drop down you should see your networks, select the wireless one. Right click it and select uninstall. in the pop-up make sure the option to delete device software is unchecked. (Don’t forget this). Once it’s uninstalled go to the top left of Device Manager where it says action. Click on it and select “scan for hardware changes” it should automatically reinstall the driver. Then turn the comp. off, turn off your router(unplug it from power). Turn them back on, log on and enjoy the internet. ”

    Prior to that I uninstalled McAfee, tried #24 multiple times, and the original post. This was the only one that worked for me and hopefully it’ll stay that way!

  196. Nick Grundy Says:

    I have the same problem. Using a linksys WMP600-N card which I know is working as I run a dual-boot with Ubuntu which uses the same card and works fine.

    I have tried:
    – Reinstalling windows 7 (four times at last count)
    – Stepwise reinstallation of individual windows updates; none consistently provoke the error
    – Stepwise driver reinstallation; there does seem to be an association with reinstalling my video card (Asus EAH 5750) drivers, but some versions don’t provoke the error, and it can occur without any driver installs, including once on a fresh install of win7
    – Manual IP address setting as above
    – Disable-reenable network adapter
    – System restore – this generally works a dozen or so times but eventually hits a point of no return requiring a windows reinstall to get network access back

    This problem reliably occurs for me on clean installs of windows 7 without the installation of anything but windows updates and common, essential drivers. The problem is undoubtedly to my mind with win7 and nothing else – because nothing else is required to provoke it.

    Personally, I’m looking at “downgrading” to Vista as it looks like this doesn’t occur on that. Any other tips gratefully received.

  197. Mankpiece Says:

    If your computer is part of a domain and your company has to conform to PCI-DSS compliance you may need to allow the Windows Firewall to allow unicast responses to multicast or broadcast traffic:

    Gpedit.msc >
    Computer Configuration >
    Windows Settings >
    Security Settings >
    Windows Firewall with Advanced Security >
    Windows Firewall with Advanced Security – Local Group Policy Object > In the right hand pane click on Windows Firewall Properties >
    You have 4 tabs at the top and you’ll need to configure on 3 of the profiles: Domain, Private and Public – Click on Customize… under Settings heading > Change Allow unicast response: Yes (Default)

    This worked for me.

  198. Turbo Tim Says:


    The power management in network adapter properties did it for me. For me it was different- the wake on magic packets thing was unchecked, so I checked it.
    40 hours of every instruction here and running scripts and resets from all sorts of other pages- this was my fix.
    I figured it is like Lasherz said “When I set the magic packet setting I inadvertently fixed it by overwriting the error. If you’ve exhausted every resource on this page then this is probably your fix too (if not magic packet then one of the other settings).”
    I had seen this power management tab several times with these options and never even suspected they could have an impact. Thank you so much Lasherz. I did the oppan gangnam style dance around the house for the whole song dedicated to you

  199. Win7 Unidentified Network error HALP! Says:

    […] 1 Minute Ago Cheers Train, I found this tucked away in a solution and blog page at answer 157/158. This pc was rebooted well over 50 times over that 45 hours, and had every […]

  200. Joro Says:

    I have a multiple networks i am with cable so… please help me I can;t find the solution

  201. HATIM Says:

    andrew hewwit post no 41….works for me…
    i have the same problem as anyone does.and it was because i am messing with my internet setting for some isp hack;)
    last night this problem occured and i had to troubleshoot it and windows find that the DHCP was not enabled,then windows fixed it and problem is gone,today it happened again because of the same reason. so i tried my earlier fix method but windows could not able to find the problem. after some searching on internet i came here and started trying the methods given above. none worked but post 41,works like a charm….so thank you so much andrew hewwit for this useful post and also to others whom trying to fixing that for people…i really appreciate it and wasalam o alaikum… ALLAH HAFIZ

  202. Araceli Bugarewicz Says:

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  203. tous nos vpn Says:

    Certainly it is just what i supposed, i found this weblog by way of a pal and he instructed me to look at this article, i am so impressed that someone can compose superior post such as this on the such theme. When, i will consider to talk about it on my internet site hope i’ll get some excellent feed back

  204. Zach Says:

    63 saved my morning. I hate how it fails and I have to automatically reinstall a wireless driver. Come on, HP!

    Thanks so much for all the help!

  205. Unidentified Network? HELP! - Page 2 Says:

    […] a few other possible causes for this problem, some of which are covered in the link below. Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved   My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this […]

  206. Networking Problems (Unidentified Network) Says:

    […] problem are covered in the link below, there is also good info in the comments section in the link. Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved   My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this […]

  207. jacqueline Says:

    Thanks so much! 24 worked for me!

  208. jermain Says:

    if you try everything and it doesn’t work, just change the router. i was having the same problem and i tried everything that was said and none work, the only other thing i could think of is changing the router and that worked for me.

  209. Fabrizio Says:

    Very helpfull, I had no solution. With your tip now it works.
    Thank you.
    MacBook Pro, Win7, nVidia network adapter.

  210. Betsy Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had to uninstall Avast and then it wouldn’t work again. I spent hours trying other things and am so happy I found this solution!


  211. Betsy Says:

    OH! It also could have been that when I got to the properties screen shown above, there was also a box checked for AVAST! so I unchecked that as well and now it’s working. But I never would have found that without finding this page!

    Thanks 😀

  212. Betsy Says:

    Thank you! :) Manually entering the IP address of the router worked to get me reconnected to my home network (after trying a thousand other “fixes” to no avail!)

  213. Value Says:

    Try this: Uncheck Automatic metrics value and for Local Area Connection put there 4230 and for Wireless 8370. This has worked for 5 different pc’s and for 5 different broadbands.

  214. Internet Connection Sharing - 'Unidentified Network' Says:

    […] page in the link you will notice many more causes and working solutions in the comments section. Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved   My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this […]

  215. geo Says:

    I tried all the fixes above, I just have windows 7 installed and what I did in order to use DHCP ip address without losing the default gateway was to add the default gateway in the advance tab of the adapter…It works fine.
    Steps: Open Network and Sharing Center–> Local Area Connection—–
    —->Properties—>Internet Protocol IPv4—>Properties Tab—>Advance Tab——->Default gateway add Tab.
    Add your gateway and you are good to go….

  216. scott Says:

    @Lee–this is exactly what was causing my problem. Thanks for the link to that article. Without it, i’d have never solved this annoying problem!!

  217. Sarrie Says:

    I follow the no 8 but it doesnt work and the medsage shows like that
    “Window IP configuration
    An error occured while renewing interface Wireless Network Connection : unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out .
    No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection while it has its media disconnected .
    An error occured while releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1: the systen cannot find the file specified. ”

    What does that mean and what can I do with it :( Thanks a lot :(

  218. 'Unidentifed Network' Very limited connection. Says:

    […] properties. Below that are many helpful comments with more possible solutions for this problem. Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved   My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this […]

  219. Thankful Says:

    #24 comment seemed to work with the correct IP address – THANK YOU!

  220. WiFi doesn't have a valid IP configuration on Windows8 Says:

    […] which is usually just a hardware compatibility problem. The link below explains the process. Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved I posted a picture of this setting for clarity. Attached Thumbnails   […]

  221. Solved Default Gateway is not available Says:

    […] exactly as yours. Try entering the gateway IP manually per the directions in the following link. Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved   My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this […]

  222. just me Says:


    setting up the default gateway and renewing my address by ipconfig worked nice :)

  223. Lee Hall Says:

    Hollys Comment on changeing the Ip to manuel and
    setting the ip address
    subnet mask to
    default gateway:

    DNS primary
    DNS secondary

    saved my ass and made me look pretty good to boot Thanks Holly!!!

  224. Maya Says:

    So many thanks for all the help on this forum. Uninstalling McAfee worked instantly!

  225. Tina B. Says:

    We couldn’t get our brand new Dell laptop with Windows 7 to connect to the wireless router even though other devices in the house were using it. It would give us “limited access” or “no access”. Sometimes it recognized it as our Home Network and other times it only told us Unrecognized Public Network. I tried everything on here and nothing worked. Reset the router and modem multiple times, put in the static IP addresses (Holly’s #24), re-installed the wireless adapter, removed Mcafee trial, etc. Disabled the IPv6 wireless thing, etc. Finally, I plugged my other laptop into the router, downloaded and installed the most up to date firmware. Then, went to the new laptop and set up a “new network” for the router (which needed to be set up fresh after installing the new firmware). Finally! That worked! I kept the static IP addresses, so not sure if that’s having an effect as well. But just happy that it is finally working.

  226. Default gateway not available - Page 3 Says:

    […] need the gateway of your router for this then open up IPv4 properties and fill in the gateway IP. Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved Either way I'd stick with 8.1 because most likely Intel will come out with working driver for the […]

  227. twister84 Says:

    Hi guys I had the same problems after a frustrating few days and lots of google help (how i found this) someone mentions a/v I disabled AVG 2014 and all works fine now

  228. Kia Says:

    I tried everything I could and finally followed post 191 and REMOVED McAffee. This worked!

    This has been a fantastic blog, full of kind guidance and suggestions.

    I tried and tried, did everything suggested on this website and others, YouTube, everything I could do AFTER I contacted DELL and they kept me on the phone long enough to re-register my computer, log my issues, get my email address and inform me that they could help me one time for $100 or I could purchase a warranty pack for $200.
    Very grateful to have found this blog!

  229. William Says:

    My friend brought me her laptop because it would connect to some networks and not to others.

    After running through driver updates, sfc /scannow, fighting the configuration, installing gpedit.msc and changing all networks to private, hard drive tests, I finally saw enough mentions of McAfee on this page to try disabling it. Disabled it, boom. Connected. Worked after a standyb, rebooting

    The tell for me that something else was messing with my settings was that while I changed things in group policy allowing users to change network types and names and icons, it kept blocking me. Also, configuring a static IP or static DNS ( worked … until standby.
    I thought it might be a failing hard drive, as I’ve seen settings appear to change themselves back, when really they never wrote properly to the drive in the first place, but the suggestions here seem to be the fix.
    Just came back up from a full shutdown and it’s connected.

    Thank you! And SCREW YOU McAFEE!

  230. Mjaycee Says:

    Thank you so much!!! Was going nuts trying to fix this….till I found this blog. Thanks all of you! (I tried the static IP config and disabled McAfee…that combo worked for me!)

  231. James Says:

    I changed my network settings to static addresses that were legitimate for my network. Then deleted the DHCP entry on the DHCP server that had been associated to my troubled pc. Then changed it back to AUTO IP’s and DNS.

  232. Dylan Says:

    THANK YOU! Ages since ive gotten it to work

  233. Sunil George Says:

    @24, you saved my day. Thanks

  234. EHC007 Says:

    I’ve tried manually setting the IP address, etc., but my issue is that the IPv4 address and default gateway is completely different from what’s been suggested:
    Subnet mask:
    Default gateway:

    I tried putting in what was suggested (, et al), but that didn’t resolve the problem. Also, it didn’t appear that there was any secondary defaul gateway of (at least, not when I put IPCONFIG in Command Prompt). I’m not terribly tech-savvy, and I’ve reached the limit of my knowledge and comprehension. Any suggestions?

  235. Bo Says:

    Done all of this.. system restore. default gateway doesn’t even show up in IPCONFIG.. no mcafee, no bonjour. still no fix. sigh):

  236. Laura Says:

    Such a frustrating thing! I tried many fixes, but #63 is what worked for me!!! Thank you!

  237. Matmomoftwo Says:

    #24 you are a genius! It worked!

  238. Lazar Says:

    The original post was made over 5 year ago but it is still very relevant! The solution with setting default and IP manually worked for a while. After I lost connection next time and hit “Troubleshoot problems”, Windows network diagnostics reset wireless adapter, which delets all manual settings and restores their automatic defaults.

  239. Pavel Says:

    First time in my life i leave a feedback on something. I will be honest here: THIS WORKED FOR ME! I am so pleased that i could help my wifes parents and help them out with the issue. Big thanks!

  240. Bocty Says:

    Tried everything that was suggested here. Finally taken a look at my router settings and changed under wireless settings – encription type from AES (default) to Automatic. finaly got it to work

  241. Peter Says:

    Hello Guys,
    what is usualy working for me :o) if i have issue with the static IP.
    An example: The default gateway
    I have 2 options:

    1. Set up router (if it is possible by feature in the router) for assigning my default “static” IP based on the MAC address of the requested PC….this is working for me always

    2.Set up the IP range in the router excluding of IPs which needs to be static….means if i am using internal network 192.168.1.X I will set IP range (means 50 hosts are able to have the IP by DHCP).
    And I am able now to set up any of the IP from the range as the static in the Windows
    Woala ;o)

  242. Teddy Says:

    As others have mentioned, in some cases this can be caused by a bug with Adobe CS3, which causes an extra network connection to appear. This seems to have been the issue in my case. I’m using Windows 7. To fix:

    Run MsConfig

    Under the Services tab uncheck the service called “##Id_String1.6844[… and then a bunch of numbers]” by Apple

    Reboot system, and voila.

  243. Diana Says:

    Hi all nothing seems to work I tried everything.

  244. Cord Blood Storagesync - Smart Cord Blood Banking Says:

    […] Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No … – 238 Responses to “Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved” RGMatta Says: January 8th, 2010 at 7:36 pm […]

  245. Debbie Says:

    #63 worked for me, after trying all the previous things posted !! thank you very much and it was so easy

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