Sep 30

Sony KDF-50E3000 with XL-2500 Lamp

I doubt I’m the only guy who owns a Sony KDF-50E3000 TV.  For your sake, I hope not, because the 50-inch HDTV produces the most beautiful HD picture I’ve ever seen – even though it’s coming up on its third birthday.

But my beloved TV is also a rear projection model (albeit a very thin one), which means that after every few thousand hours of use (4000 or so), its projection lamp must be replaced.  Two weeks ago I noticed a bit of a decline in the brightness of its picture.  A couple of days later, I got the on-screen message:

Lamp nearing end of life…

So, I needed to purchase a replacement.  The replacement lamp, model number XL-2500, works in several Sony HDTVs, including the KDF-37H100,  KDF-46E3000, and my TV, the KDF-50E3000.  The list price for the part was $161.  Ouch.  Did not want to pay that.

So, as is so often the case when it comes time for me to purchase anything that costs more than $19, I started looking for the lowest price online.  I ended up finding a new, in-box replacement XL-2500 lamp on eBay for $79.

The lamp arrived today and I installed it in about 90 seconds (you can find replacement instructions in the PDF user manual on page 43).  Painless.  The former brightness has returned and all is well – facts made all the better by my having saved a few bucks.

Here’s to another 4000 beautiful hours.


While writing this post, I also found the replacement XL-2500 on Amazon for $80 shipped, which I don’t believe was available when I ordered the lamp on eBay last week; if it was, I missed it.

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  1. Mark Miller Says:

    Thanks for the info. on the lamp. I have the Sony KDF-37H1000 and the replace lamp light comes on when we first turn on the t.v. So I’m in the market for a new one. I didn’t want to pay nearly $200 for one so you’ve been a ‘great’ help. How do I go about ordering one? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Mark Miller

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