Oct 07

The Coffee Cup OmeletteI hate eating breakfast, at least as a general rule.  But a couple of years ago when I started trying to live a bit healthier, I took to making myself eat something in the morning to jumpstart my metabolism.  This has been a chore.

But I’ve found a fast, easy way to get some protein in the morning, all without dirtying a lot of dishes or standing over a hot stove while downing my morning coffee: the Coffee Cup Omelette.

Now I know it sounds strange (and a little odd for the usual fare of this blog), but bear with me.

Here’s how to make a Coffee Cup Omelette – or “omelet” if you prefer:

Take a coffee cup or mug (one with straight sides works best) and spray it with a little non-stick cooking spray.  In the cup, add two eggs, a little salt and pepper, and about a tablespoon of milk (2% or whole preferred). Use a fork to scramble the eggs, then pop the coffee cup into the microwave and cook it on high for 45 seconds. 

While the eggs are cooking, shred a little cheese (sharp cheddar works nicely) and anything else you’d like in the omelette.  I suggest cooked ham or sausage, and/or mushrooms.  After 45 seconds, use the same fork to stir the eggs, then add the cheese and additional ingredients.  Stir again.  Return the cup to the microwave and nuke for another 45 seconds. 

That’s it!  Allow the eggs to cool a bit and enjoy.  Just one dirty dish to clean and a nice, easy breakfast.  Hard to beat that.

Also, if you do this often, take the ham, sausage, mushroom, green pepper, or whatever you like to use, sauté them a bit, and divvy them out into individual freezer bags as a mixture and freeze. That way, there’s even less prep work to do; just grab a bag, microwave it for a few seconds and you’ve got ready-to-add filling.

I know it isn’t exactly technology related, but hey – a microwave is tech, right?


One Response to “A Quick, Coffee Cup Omelette”

  1. BlackCanopus Says:

    I just tried it. 🙂 Not as good as real Omelette, but still pretty good for the guys who hate breakfast.

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