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Definition of Terms. This disclaimer applies to all Pocket PC Central content. Pocket PC Central (in this document, also referred to as “Website” or “Site”) refers to, and is composed of, all accessible content stored on servers reachable at http://www.pocketpccentral.net. The terms "Pocket PC Central", "we", "us" or "our" refer to the operator(s) of Pocket PC Central. The word "you," "your," "user" or "downloader" is intended to identify the person(s) or organization(s) using the Website. Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and other brand and product names are registered trademarks their respective owners.
Privacy Policy. This Website uses Google, Inc., a third-party advertising company, to serve ads when you visit the Site. Google may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.

Information sent via email is stored by this Website.  This information is never shared with a third-party without explicit permission of the user. Questions or comments about technical issues, opinions, reviews, or any other Site content may be published on the Site in part or in full at our discression; however, no personal information (other than first name, nickname, username, etc.) will be posted without permision from the user.

Limitation of Liability. Pocket PC Central, nor our affiliates, nor other third parties mentioned on, or linked to, our Website will be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, lost profits, lost data or interruption of business) resulting from your use of our Website or other sites linked to our Website, or the materials, products, information or services contained on this Website or other sites linked to this Website. This policy will apply to the extent that the applicable laws allow. Pocket PC Central shall not be liable for technical, photographic or editorial errors or omissions contained within the Site.
Links to Other Websites. This Website provides links to third party websites as a convenience to our users. Using these links will cause you to leave this Website. This Website’s administrators have not reviewed all of the third party sites' content, and we do not control and are not responsible for this third party content. If you decide to visit any third party web sites, you do so entirely at your own risk.
Official Association. Pocket PC Central, while exploring and discussing products, issues and information regarding Windows CE based Palm-size PCs, Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile Smartphones, Windows Phones, iOS devices, and other smartphone devices is in no way associated with Microsoft, Apple, or other devices' respective manufacturers. While items on and designed for this website are copyrighted, items found on linked pages and/or items used by this Website from other sites are either public domain or the property of the designer(s).
Purchase Notice. Pocket PC Central does not guarantee any product, service, or software listed on this site and does not have any association with any guarantee or warranty offered by any product or service provider. Any purchase problems, customer service or billing questions, and/or technical assistance, etc., should be sought out from the distributor(s), manufacturer(s), or retailer(s). Retailers featured on this site are featured due to their product and/or service offerings and the presumed quality of said products and/or services.
Limitation of Liability (Downloads). Any and all software (shareware, freeware, commercial, or other) downloaded from Pocket PC Central and/or linked sites/servers, is the property and responsibility of the designer(s). No product liability rests with this Site’s administrator(s) or the Site host. Downloading and/or installing any program or file from this Website and/or linked web sites/servers is done at the downloader’s risk. No liability rests with this Website in the event of data loss, software corruption, hardware corruption or damage, system failure, system incompatibility, loss of profits, or loss of business, etc., of any kind. Total liability rests with the downloader. By downloading files the downloader acknowledges agreement to all conditions of this disclaimer. Before downloading and/or installing any file or application from the Internet all data on the downloader’s PC, MAC, H/PC, H/PC Pro, Pocket PC, smartphone, etc., should be backed up to aid in avoiding loss or corruption of data. Any file or program marked ALPHA, BETA, or PREVIEW, or otherwise indicated to be an ALPHA, BETA or PREVIEW non-final version, should be downloaded and/or used with extreme caution and by expert users only. This Site does not guarantee the absence of, or protect against, viruses or malware or other errors that might be connected, or contained within, linked programs and/or files. Any downloaded programs and/or files should be scanned by up-to-date virus scanning software before executing or viewing; however, doing so does not guarantee against viruses.
Limitation of Liability (Products & Services). No products or services are sold directly by Pocket PC Central or its operators. Any and all product and/or service descriptions given on this Site are unofficial and should be checked with the retailer or service provider prior to purchase or agreement to obtain. All product information is subject to change at any time without notice. This Site does not guarantee any hardware, software, or service price stated on Pocket PC Central. Pocket PC Central does not guarantee any warranty or warranty details given by retailer, manufacturer, or author.
Limitation of Liability (Opinions, Suggestions & Recommendations). Any and all recommendations, suggestions, solutions, and/or counsel given by Pocket PC Central or its visitors via postings or electronic mail are personal observations made by this Website's administrator(s) or others. Pocket PC Central accepts no fault in any outcome that might occur as a direct/indirect result of its or its participants’ suggestions, instructions, or counsel, etc. No part or entity of Pocket PC Central is associated with official electronics companies or agencies. All statements made concerning or addressing performance, quality, compatibility, specifications, features, dependability, warranty details, etc., are opinion and should not be considered factual without independent third-party confirmation. This Website’s administrators are not licensed technicians.

Hardware, software, accessories, and/or peripherals listed on Pocket PC Central as compatible with a certain device is assumed compatible based on general compatibility standards. Users should confirm with the manufacturer or provider of a productto insure compatibility with any specific device.
Copyright Issues. Pocket PC Central and all of its content, if not public domain, is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or copied without permission from this Site’s administrator. All content obtained from other sites and institutions for use on this site was either obtained with the permission of the copyrighter or is public domain.
Any material found on this Website that is copyrighted will be removed when notified of applicable copyright. Any use of copyrighted material is unintentional and was done with no malicious intent. Any incorrect data posted on this Website was done so unintentionally and without malicious intent. This Website is not responsible for ill interpreted or false data.

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