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Android 3.0 Keyboard Support Information


Lost in the array of features included in Android OS 3.0 is the operating system's support for the popular HID Bluetooth profile.  The HID, or Human Interface Device, profile allows most Bluetooth keyboards to connect to Android 3.0 powered tablets with ease and without, necessarily, having to install keyboard-specific drivers.

This means that any Bluetooth keyboard that supports HID - which is most of them - will be able to connect to and provide input for Android 3.0 tablets and devices. 

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Google also states that Android 3.0 supports "USB keyboards," meaning the OS probably now includes the same basic plug-and-play keyboard support found in Windows, the Mac OS and other established operating systems.

Android 2.3 technically supports the HID profile, but connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to devices powered by this version of the Android OS often requires extra software. Smartphones and tablets powered by Android 2.2 and below do require extra software for external keyboard use. For these devices, we recommend the Freedom Pro Bluetooth keyboard.


Android 3.0 Platform Highlights

Bluetooth HID Profile Information



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