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doubleTwist: The iTunes for Android


Android smartphones have largely caught up to the mighty iPhone in form and function, but what about managing the media content on Android with a PC or Mac?  iTunes doesn't work with Google-powered smartphones, and drag-and-drop content management is so 2002. What Android users need is an iTunes-like multimedia manager for their computers.

Perhaps the best option available today is doubleTwist, a free, iTunes inspired media manager that works on both Windows and the Mac OS.  There are limitations, and the software still needs some refinement to be truly great, but if your Droid is in need of a little media TLC, doubleTwist is just what the engineer ordered.



What is doubleTwist?

doubleTwist is, more or less, an iTunes alternative designed to work with multiple portable devices, including Android phones and tablets.  You'll notice the first time you use it that there are many iTunes similarities: general layout, spreadsheet-style interface and usage behaviors. With doubleTwist you can import iTunes or Windows Media content, add files or folders to your library, create and sync playlists with your smartphone, purchase new unlocked music from AmazonMP3, and more.

To get started, download and install the latest version of doubleTwist on your computer. You can download doubleTwist here:


Once installed, create a free doubleTwist account and sign in.


Load Your Music into doubleTwist

Now that it's installed, run doubleTwist.  If you already have iTunes installed on your system (PC or Mac), or music in Windows Media Player on a PC, you can import non-DRMed music into doubleTwist. Newer versions of the software may do this automatically.  To manually import, select Edit > Preferences and select iTunes or WMP from the Reload your playlists section of the window:


In the Music field of the Preferences window, you should select your iTunes or WMP music folder if it isn't already selected by default.


Using doubleTwist with Android for the First Time

With doubleTwist running, connect your Android phone and enter USB Storage mode.  You'll see your phone appear on the left side of the DoubleTwist window and a new tabbed-menu appear in the window's main content area:


This is where you can select your doubleTwist syncing options for Android.  You can sync all music, videos and pictures in doubleTwist, or select specific playlists (music), videos and pictures.  These settings can be changed at any time.


Creating & Syncing Playlists

If you'd rather not sync all of your music with an Android phone, you can create playlists in doubleTwist and sync only those playlists. 

To create a playlist, select File > New Playlist.  Name the playlist.


You can now drag-and-drop music into the playlist.  To choose the playlist for syncing with your phone, put a check in the box next to the playlist name in the Music tab in doubleTwist.


doubleTwist AirSync

If you're up for some wireless media syncing over Wi-Fi, there's a new Android app from doubleTwist called AirSync

This app, in concert with the doubleTwist PC/Mac application, allows you to sync media wirelessly between a phone and computer on the same Wi-Fi network. 


Features include the ability to pair pair your Android phone or tablet with a Mac or PC to automatically import photos and videos, import MP3 purchases & downloads from your phone back to your Mac or PC, wirelessly sync iTunes music, iTunes playlists, iTunes ratings and playcounts, and stream photos, videos and music from your phone to your XBox or PS3.

AirSync isn't free - it's now $4.99 in the Android Market - but it does add a highly-desirable feature for many users and will largely free you from sync cables, at least for media.


Additional Thoughts

This is a basic introduction to the functionality of doubleTwist with relation to Android smartphones and tablets.  As we receive additional questions regarding doubleTwist, I will add additional content to this page.


Have questions or comments about this help article?  Email me.