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Dell X5 Pocket PC Backup Battery Warnings
The Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC uses two batteries: one is a large rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides power for the system to operate. The second is a small non-rechargeable battery that protects data stored in the Pocket PC's RAM if the primary battery is depleted.

When the backup battery's power is depleted - which takes about a year - the Axim X5 will frequently alert you with pop-up warnings.  A drained backup battery is not only annoying because of these alerts, but it also leaves you open to data loss if the main battery fails.


The backup battery is a coin-shaped battery, the same type used in wrist watches and automotive remote controls.  The exact battery type is the CR2032.

Replacing the backup battery is very easy. A small port on the back of the Axim X5 gives you access to the battery slot.  Simply remove this port, remove the existing battery, and replace it. 

If warnings about the backup power levels continue even after you've replaced the battery, make sure that you've updated your Axim to the latest ROM version; some early ROM versions for the Axim X5 reported inaccurate backup battery level warnings. Visit Dell's Support site for information on software updates.


You can purchase a replacement CR2032 battery here.


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