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Resetting the Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC

A "soft" reset clears all open programs and basically reboots the Pocket PC. When the Pocket PC powers back up, you'll start with all active programs closed and the device will be ready to use. The "soft" reset is intended to reset the Pocket PC if it is malfunctioning or has become bogged down. This reset is also sometimes necessary after some software is installed.

The Dell X5 can be soft reset by pressing the recessed button on the left side of the unit. Under the left rubberized grip, there is a small dimple with the word "Reset" above it. Use the stylus tip to press this button through the grip. The device will perform a soft reset.

A "hard" reset wipes the RAM and returns the Pocket PC to its factory specs. In effect, after the hard reset, the Pocket PC will be just as it was when you purchased it. All data entered, preferences set or software installed on the Pocket PC after purchase will be lost after a hard reset and will have to transferred or reinstalled via ActiveSync - with the exception of anything stored in the Protected ROM file.

The Dell Axim can be hard reset by performing the following procedure: With the unit turned off, press and hold the power button at the top of the unit. While holding the down power button, use the stylus tip to press the aforementioned "Reset" button. Hold both buttons down for approximately five second; the screen will fade. The unit will power back on and display a menu to confirm the hard reset. To continue to reset the Axim, press the "Contacts" button - to cancel the reset, press the "E-Mail" button. If you select the "Contacts" button, The Axim will now be as it was when it left the factory and you can start fresh.

Note: The Dell Axim X5 Pocket PCs have a feature which allows some data to be stored in the Flash ROM. If you have used this file store option, a hard reset will not erase this data.

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