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Pocket PC Central Help Center: Windows Mobile General Questions

The Pocket PC Central Help Center is a place where you can find answers to common Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone and Windows Mobile Smartphone questions, along with instructions for performing common Windows Mobile functions. The topics listed here are general and are applicable across many Windows Mobile devices. 

If you have a question you'd like answered, ask us; the questions you ask and post help us make the Help Center better.  Chances are, if you need to know something, other people need to know, too.

  • I’ve been reading about the new iTunes Store selling unlocked music.  Will this music play on my Windows Mobile smartphone? Solution
  • I've performed a hard reset of my Windows Mobile device. Now I'm to the part of the setup called align screen but the screen is stuck! What can I do? Solution
  • I have an AT&T Tilt and I would like to use it with my car's AUX in audio jack. How can I connect the Tilt to my car since it doesn't have a 3.5mm audio-out port? Solution
  • Can I play music I purchase online from AmazonMP3 on my Windows Mobile device? If so, does it require any special software or activation? Solution
  • I have an iPAQ Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 with a 512MB SD card installed. I keep getting an error message which reads "Storage Memory Critically is Low," but my 512MB Secure Digital card has over 300MB free. What's the problem? Solution
  • I've downloaded an eBook from Mobipocket and I want to read it on my Pocket PC, but I can't seem to make it work. Will you please describe the process?  Solution
  • I have a Cingular 8125 and I'd like to be able to put the songs I've downloaded from iTunes on the Pocket PC Phone.  Can I do this?  Solution
  • I'm considering purchasing the iPAQ hx2795 Pocket PC, and I would like to know if software titles designed for Windows Mobile 2003 will run on the iPAQ's Windows Mobile 5 OS.  Solution
  • I have a Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC and a Motorola RAZR V3 phone with Cingular wireless service. Can I use my RAZR as a wireless modem for my Axim?  Solution
  • I recently received an iPAQ h3630 from a friend and there's no software for video or audio playback and I can't view JPEG or BMP images. What do I need?  Solution
  • I am interested in purchasing a Pocket PC. I am considering the HP iPAQ hx2750 and the Dell X50v.  Which would you recommend?  Solution
  • The Pocket PC I purchased came with ActiveSync 3.6 software.  Is it safe to upgrade to the latest version of ActiveSync?  Solution
  • My Pocket PC has a USB port on the bottom that connects to my sync cradle. Can I use keyboards or other USB devices with my Pocket PC?  Solution
  • I recently purchased an iPAQ rx3715, which has 802.11b Wi-Fi built-in.  Will I be able to use the iPAQ with an 802.11g Wireless Access Point?  Solution
  • On my Windows PC, I can right-click an image on a web page and choose to save it to my hard drive.  Is there a way to save images that I see in Pocket Internet Explorer to my Pocket PC?  Solution
  • I want to run Handmark's Solitaire gamepack, but it requires Microsoft eMbedded Virtual Basic Runtime.  Where can I download these files and how do I install them on my Pocket PC?   Solution
  • I've lost the CD-ROM that came with my Pocket PC.  Can I download the software that I need to connect my Pocket PC to my Windows PC?  Solution
  • How can I store my AvantGo and Pocket Explorer files on a Secure Digital or CompactFlash Card so that my internal memory remains free?  Solution
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