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Pocket PC How-To: Sync Mail Subfolders with Outlook

Many users would like to synchronize specific Outlook folders with their Pocket PCs. By default, ActiveSync syncs the Outlook Inbox folder only, but you can set ActiveSync to sync other folders, or subfolders, as well.

If you have a Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5 handheld, you can change your Outlook folder syncing options by doing the following:

1. Synchronize your Pocket PC with your desktop or notebook via ActiveSync. When the synchronization process is complete, select Tools from the ActiveSync toolbar, then select Options.

2. From the Options menu, highlight the Inbox feature by clicking it once, being careful not to uncheck the box to its left. After Inbox is highlighted, click the Settings button.

3. In the settings menu, you'll notice that there are mail subfolders with small boxes next to them (ActiveSync 4.x users must click the Select Folders button to view subfolders). Check the boxes of the subfolders you wish to sync with your Pocket PC. Click OK and OK again. Allow your Pocket PC to re-sync.

NOTE: This procedure works only with mail subfolders; syncing contacts subfolders is not natively supported by ActiveSync. If you wish to synchronize contacts subfolders, one option is Chapura's PocketMirror Professional. PocketMirror works with ActiveSync to allow greater control over your synchronization sources and options.

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