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HP iPAQ 1945 | 1940 Pocket PC Information Center

iPAQ 1945 Pocket PC


This Windows Mobile Device is No Longer Sold or Manufactured The iPAQ h1940 / h1945 Pocket PC has been discontinued. For a complete listing of current HP iPAQ Pocket PCs, visit the iPAQ Information Center.

The iPAQ 1945 (also sold as the 1940) was released as one of two successors to the iPAQ 1910. Identical to the 1910 in appearance, the improvements of the 1945 were all under the hood.  

The 1910's rather slow processor was replaced by a speedier 266MHz Samsung processor, the first Samsung CPU used in a Pocket PC. Other upgrades included onboard Bluetooth, a Secure Digital card slot with SDIO support, and the Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC operating system.

Although the iPAQ 1945 has been discontinued, models can be purchased on eBay, as can compatible accessories.  

  • Samsung S3C2410 Processor at 266MHz (ARM)
  • Removable 900mAh Lithium Ion Battery for Up to 8 Hours User Per Charge
  • Onboard Secure Digital Slot w/ SDIO Support
  • 64MB RAM (56 User Accessible)/32MB ROM
  • Onboard Bluetooth; Wi-Fi Ready
  • 16-bit 3.5" Transflective Color Display
  • Weight: 4.37oz; 4.46" x 2.75" x .50"
  • IRDA Port
  • Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC OS
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