iPhone, iPad Utilities & Software Tools for Windows & Mac OS

There are thousands of iPhone and iPad apps available in the iTunes App Store, but there are also fantastic, little-known applications available for Windows PCs and Macs which help you get the most out of your iOS smartphone or tablet. Below is a list of our favorite software utilities with brief descriptions and OS compatibility information. 

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Windows & Mac Software Utilities for iPhone, iPad

Phone to PC & Phone to Mac

Phone to PC (Windows) and Phone to Mac (Mac OS) provide simple, straightforward access to the music, podcasts, movies, SMS, voicemails, call history, and other data stored on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Filled with useful features, these utilities are invaluable tool for accessing just about anything locked away on your iOS device or iPod.

Mac OS X 10.5+ and Windows XP+


Convert almost any video file for an iPhone, iPad or iPod with this free software.  HandBrake has convenient Apple presets that take the guesswork out of transcoding video.

Want to copy protected movies to your iPhone or iPad?  Use DVD43 on a PC or Fairmount on the Mac to unlock the video files for direct disc-to-drive transcoding with HandBrake.

Mac OS X and Windows XP+


Previously known as iPhone Explorer, the renamed iExplorer from Macroplant allows you to browse the files on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as you would any other USB device; just connect and start dragging and dropping files to and from an iOS device with ease.  Great for getting files off your iOS device, or backing up app files to, for example, saved games. And it's free. 

Mac OS X v10.5+ and Windows XP SP2+; iTunes 10 or Above


iRinger creates free ringtones for your iPhone from virtually any music or video file with just a few simple steps. iRinger exports directly to iTunes, so there is no need to jailbreak your phone.

iRinger is free, but if you find it useful, consider donating to its developers. If the iRinger site is down, download here.

Windows XP+


Similar in ways to both iExplorer and Phone to Mac/PC, DiskAid gives you access to files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. DiskAid does offer file transfer over USB, data transfer to and from apps, data export, Camera Roll transfer, SMS and voice memo backup, and more.

Free and paid versions offer different features.

Mac OS X 10.6+ and Windows XP SP3+

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