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iPod nano, 7th Gen (Blue)This section of Pocket PC Central once existed to highlight new and exciting MP3 and other digital audio players when new models were released seemingly every week; now, because of the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and even media-enabled "dumb" phones, the MP3 player market is no longer the rich environment it once was.  Therefore, this section of Pocket PC Central is not as active.

That said, there are still noteworthy digital audio players available - like the 7th Gen iPod nano (shown left).  We will continue to highlight those players that are worthy of your time, all of which will be linked to from the Spotlight section below.

If you'd like to take a trip down memory lane, we have maintained the Pocket PC Central MP3: Player Edition site structure so that you can find information on legacy digital audio players; you can find the legacy listings here.

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