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Part 2: Create a RealPlayer Library

You've installed RealPlayer on your PC and you're ready to begin using it to manage the music on your MP3 player.  Before you can get started, you need to create a library that will be the foundation of your music collection in RealPlayer.


Step 1: Getting to My Library

First, open RealPlayer.  Click the Music & My Library tab shown below, then click the My Library button:

My Library is RealPlayer's music database.  Once set up, you can use it to view your entire music collection...

Just as in iTunes, My Library is the place where RealPlayer keeps track of all of the audio tracks stored on your computer.  First, you have to show RealPlayer where your music is located. 

Note: For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm using six audio tracks to represent my entire music collection.


Step 2: Build Your Music Library in RealPlayer

In My Library, click All Media, then Scan Disk for Media:

The Scan Disk for Media tool makes adding tracks to your library for the first time an effortless experience...


If you know where your music is stored you can limit the search areas.  If you're not sure where the music files are stored, select All Drives.  Leave "Include subfolders" checked:

Instruct the Scan Disk for Media tool where you'd like it to search...


When you're asked to choose the file types you'd like to add to your library, check the MP3 Files, Windows Media Files and AAC Files boxes.  These selections will add the most popular formats of audio files to your library:

Only add audio files to your Library.  This makes managing your music easier.  Select only MP3, WMA and AAC files...


RealPlayer will scan your selected media and create your library.  As you can see, my six tracks have been added:

Once you've populated My Library, you can view your entire audio collection...


Now that My Library has been populated with audio tracks, I'm ready to begin using RealPlayer to move songs onto my MP3 Player.


Final Thoughts on Building My Library

Using the Scan Disk for Media tool is ideal for setting up RealPlayer for the first time, but what if you want to add more files to My Library later?  To add files one by one or several at a time, use the Add Files to My Library function in the File menu at the top of the window:

Add Files to My Library is a tool that makes it easy to add one or more files to your library as you store new files on your PC...


The Add Files to My Library function makes adding additional music fast and easy as you expand your music collection. 

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