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Windows Mobile Pocket PC & Smartphone News Archives  
***The articles listed here are months or years old, so their links may no longer be active. 
May 2007 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  05/30/2007 "Palm Announces 'Foleo' Mobile Companion for Smartphones"
  05/24/2007 "Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade Coming June 2007?"
  05/22/2007 "T-Mobile Wing Windows Mobile 6 PDA Phone Announced"
  05/21/2007 "Asus to Offer Free Mobile 6 Upgrades Summer 2007"
  05/10/2007 "No Windows Mobile 6 Upgrades for Current iPAQ Handhelds"
  05/03/2007 "Ferrari Variant of Acer c500 Pocket PC Receives FCC Approval"
  05/03/2007 "T-Mobile USA to Release Windows Mobile 6 Update for Dash"
April 2007 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  04/30/2007 "Cingular 8525 ROM Update Now Available"
  04/30/2007 "T-Mobile Dash WM6 Upgrade May Be Made Available May 4"
  04/23/2007 "BlackBerry Software Suite Coming to Windows Mobile"
  04/19/2007 "HTC 'Titan' to be Sold as Sprint PPC-6800 PPC Phone"
  04/19/2007 "AT&T Announces International Smartphone & PDA Data Plans"
  04/17/2007 "Dell 'Fly' Project Brings Windows Mobile 6 PDA Phone Q4 2007"
  04/12/2007 "Pharos GPS Phone Now Available in the United States"
  04/10/2007 "T-Mobile MDA Removed, Report Points to HTC Atlas Replacement"
  04/09/2007 "Dell Removes Axim Pocket PCs From Online Store"
  04/04/2007 "Samsung to Release 6 New Windows Mobile Smartphones in 2007?"
March 2007 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  03/31/2007 "AT&T to Increase HSDPA Speed, Availability by January 2008"
  03/27/2007 "Motorola MC35 Coming to AT&T Wireless in April 2007"
  03/26/2007 "HTC Advantage 7501 Coming to the U.S. Summer 2007"
  03/20/2007 "HTC Kaiser to Bring Flip-Up Screen to Windows Mobile"
  03/17/2007 "T-Mobile Ameo Super-PDA Now Available in the UK"
  03/09/2007 "Palm Hires Ex-Apple Designer, Puts iPhone in its Sights"
  03/08/2007 "Socket Introduces Upcoming Business Class Pocket PC, SoMo 650"
  03/08/2007 "AMD Announces Tool Suite for Handheld Game Development"
  03/05/2007 "Dell Planning to Release a Pocket PC Phone?"
February 2007 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  02/16/2007 "ActiveSync v4.5 Officially Released"
  02/12/2007 "HP Announces Spring Release of iPAQ 510 Windows Mobile 6 Phone"
  02/12/2007 "Microsoft Officially Unveils Windows Mobile 6 in Barcelona, Spain"
  02/12/2007 "Pocket PC Central Windows Mobile 6 Product Brief Published"
  02/09/2007 "FCC Filing Reveals Toshiba RG4-E01 Details"
  02/08/2007 "Sophos Unveils Security For Windows Mobile"
  02/08/2007 "More Windows Mobile 6 Details Surface"
  02/02/2007 "Windows Mobile Device Center Now Available for Windows Vista"
  02/02/2007 "Vulnerability Found in Windows Mobile"
January 2007 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  01/29/2007 "Windows Mobile 6 Plays the Name Game"
  01/24/2007 "Toshiba-SanDisk Claim Title to Highest Density 16Gb NAND Flash"
  01/22/2007 "HTC to Launch 12 New Devices in 2007"
  01/22/2007 "Texas Company Claims Battery Replacement Technology"
  01/22/2007 "Upcoming Samsung i760 to Run Windows Mobile 'Crossbow'"
  01/16/2007 "Socket Communications to Rollout Mobile Computing Devices"
  01/08/2007 "HP iPAQ rx4240 Mobile Media Companion Shipping in U.S."
  01/02/2007 "Pharos to Release GPS-Enabled Pocket PC Phone"



December 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  12/11/2006 "HTC Love Quad-Band Handset Coming in 2007"
  12/08/2006 "7.2Mbps HSDPA Service to Hit Cingular Next Year"
  12/06/2006 "Steve Balmer Talks Vista, Windows Mobile"
November 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  11/28/2006 "T-Mobile Revving Up for 3G"
  11/27/2006 "U.S. Copyright Rules Change, Unlocking Phones Now O.K."
  11/16/2006 "Cingular 8525 Pocket PC Phone Now Available"
  11/13/2006 "'Samsung BlackJack Smartphone Coming to Cingular Wireless"
  11/06/2006 "T-Mobile 'Dash-A-Day' Giveaway Online"
October 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  10/27/2006 "'Crossbow' for Smartphones May Include Word, Excel Mobile"
  10/25/2006 "iPAQ hw6920 Mobile Messenger Coming to Cingular Wireless"
  10/18/2006 "'Crossbow' to Ship to Device Manufacturers Q4 2006"
  10/17/2006 "Spectec to Release microSD 802.11g Wi-Fi Card"
  10/17/2006 "Motorola Q Pro Smartphone Could Ship in Q1 2007"
  10/17/2006 "Smartphone & PPC Magazine 2006 Software Winners Announced"
  10/09/2006 "Windows Mobile 'Crossbow' Screenshot Posted"
  10/09/2006 "HP Unveils iPAQ rw6815 Pocket PC Phone"
  10/05/2006 "Fossil Readies Bluetooth Caller ID Watch"
  10/04/2006 "T-Mobile Dash WM5 Smartphone Coming October 16"
  10/03/2006 "Zentek's 1seg Digital TV SDIO Card for Japan"
  10/01/2006 "It's Official: HP Announces Upcoming iPAQ rx5915"
September 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  9/18/2006 "Samsung IP-830w Pocket PC Phone Coming to Sprint?"
  9/18/2006 "T-Mobile Dash Smartphone to be HTC S620"
  9/12/2006 "Samsung Announces 32GB NAND RAM Flash Memory"
  9/12/2006 "Samsung Develops New High Speed PRAM Flash Memory Chip"
  9/07/2006 "HTC Excalibur Smartphone Gets Official, Renamed S620"
  9/06/2006 "New Details on Upcoming iPAQ rx5915 Pocket PC"
  9/05/2006 "Palm Launches Treo 700wx for Sprint Wireless"
  9/05/2006 "HP Readies iPAQ rx4000 Series Mobile Media Companions"
  9/01/2006 "Samsung Claims to Have Cracked 4G"
August 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  8/09/2006 "Windows Mobile Palm Treo 750 Info, Pictures Surface"
  8/02/2006 "New Death of Dell Axim Rumors Arise"
July 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  7/31/2006 "HTC 'Excalibur' Smartphone Under Development, Motorola Q Targeted"
  7/31/2006 "SanDisk Introduces 2GB microSD Mobile Phone Card"
  7/27/2006 "PPCMag Best Software Awards 2006 Nominees Announced"
  7/24/2006 "HTC 'Star Trek' Smartphone Receives FCC Approval"
  7/18/2006 "Pocket PC Users Steer Clear of SDHC... For Now"
  7/17/2006 "HP Announces Memory Spot Wireless Memory Chip"
  7/01/2006 "Samsung Files Upcoming i770 Pocket PC Phone with FCC"
June 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  6/28/2006 "Palm to Release New Windows Mobile Treo 'Lennon' in October?"
  6/27/2006 "Microsoft to Sell XScale Mobile Chip Unit to Marvell"
  6/27/2006 "HTC to Release Mteor and Tytn Under Own Name"
  6/19/2006 "Roxio Rolls Out MyTVtoGo for Media Center PCs and Windows Mobile"
  6/13/2006 "Cingular Rolls Out Push E-Mail for 8125, 2125"
  6/07/2006 "Samsung Announces First 1.98" VGA Display"
  6/04/2006 "Intel's Sale of XScale Line Almost Official"
May 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  5/22/2006 "Motorola & Verizon Announce Motorola Q WM5 Smartphone"
  5/19/2006 "Credit Card Payment Solution for Windows Mobile Devices"
  5/17/2006 "Access Announces NetFront v3.3 for Windows Mobile Devices"
  5/09/2006 "Microsoft Rolls Out Windows CE 6 BETA, Sets September '06 Release"
  5/09/2006 "Gates: XBox 360 to Link to Windows Mobile, Vista"
  5/07/2006 "IEEE "Task Group N" Rejects First 802.11n Draft Proposal"
  5/01/2006 "Eye-Fi Brings 802.11g Wi-Fi To Flash Memory"
April 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  4/29/2006 "Sprite Backup 5.1 for WM5 Released"
  4/21/2006 "Rumors of the Axim's Demise Greatly Exaggerated"
  4/19/2006 "Palm Treo 700w MSFP / AKU2 Update Released"
  4/17/2006 "VITO AudioNotes v1.1 Released"
  4/12/2006 "Macromedia Releases Flash 7 with Support for WM5"
  4/12/2006 "VITO AudioNotes Released for Windows Mobile"
  4/07/2006 "Verizon Looks to Limit EVDO Use For Multimedia"
  4/06/2006 "Palm to Offer MS Direct Push E-Mail on Treo 700w"
March 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  3/15/2006 "Microsoft Remodels ActiveSync for Windows Vista"
  3/14/2006 "VOIP Chip Saves Power, Supports Windows Mobile"
  3/13/2006 "Google Ventures into eBooks"
February 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  2/28/2006 "Details Unfolding on Microsoft's Origami"
  2/27/2006 "SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus Gets Capacity Bump in Mid-2006"
  2/08/2006 "Open Source Push E-Mail Available for Pocket PC"
  2/07/2006 "Cingular 8125 Now Available to B2B Customers"
  2/06/2006 "VITO ActiveTrace Updated to v1.21"
  2/01/2006 "Sprint to Sell Treo 700w Sooner Than Expected"
January 2006 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  1/26/2006 "Skype v2.0 Released for Windows Mobile 2003 & 5.0"
  1/25/2006 "HP Version of the O2 XDA Atom Pocket PC Phone Coming Soon?"
  1/23/2006 "HTC Wizard to Come to T-Mobile as T-Mobile MDA"
  1/20/2006 "802.11n Spec Nailed Down at Last"
  1/20/2006 "Mobile Phones Don't Cause Brain Tumors (Yea!) "
  1/10/2006 "HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger Details Leaked"
  1/09/2006 "SelectRadio Brings Satellite Radio to Windows Mobile"
  1/09/2006 "LG's Upcoming 2.2" VGA Sub-Pixel LCD"
  1/05/2006 "Palm Treo 700w Windows Mobile Smartphone Now Available"
  1/02/2006 "All-In-One Concept Card Gives Glimpse at Possible PDA Future"
  1/02/2006 "Report: Hacking Windows CE with Linux"
December 2005 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  12/06/2005 "Verizon Posts "Coming Soon" Page for Upcoming Treo 700w"
November 2005 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  11/14/2005 "MS Office 12 Editions to Include 'Office 12 for Windows Mobile'"
  11/12/2005 "Multilingual Epson Text-to-Speech Chip Announced"
October 2005 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  10/19/2005 "Cingular Wireless & Lucent Roll Out HSDPA High Speed Network"
  10/18/2005 "iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Communicators Coming to Cingular October 31"
  10/06/2005 "Brighthand: Prepare for a 1GHz Handheld"
  10/05/2005 "ARM Unveils Next Generation Chip Design, Cortex-A8"
  10/03/2005 "Nokia Concept Phone Gives Glimpse at Possible Future of PDA Tech"
September 2005 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  09/26/2005 "HP Releases Three New hx2000 Series Pocket PCs"
  09/26/2005 "Palm Windows Mobile Treo Smartphone Announced"
  09/26/2005 "HP iPAQ rx1950 Officially Announced"
  09/26/2005 "Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrades for iPAQ hx2000 Series Available"
  09/24/2005 "Motorola's Q Smartphone Coming December 2005"
  09/23/2005 "Palm's Windows Mobile Treo Smartphone: The Treo 700w"
  09/21/2005 "Microsoft Reorganizes, Mobile Devision Gets New Boss"
  09/20/2005 "Dell Introduces Axim X51 and X51v Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCs"
  09/16/2005 "Sprint PCS Releases First Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Phone"
  09/12/2005 "Samsung Readies 32GB Memory Cards"
  09/10/2005 "HP iPAQ Pocket PC Phone Prototypes?"
August 2005 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  08/28/2005 "Mio to Announce GPS-Enabled Pocket PC Phone"
  08/27/2005 "First iPAQ rx1950 Pocket PC Information Surfaces"
  08/25/2005 "Intel's "Monahans" Processors to Make 1.25GHz Pocket PCs Possible"
  08/24/2005 "Dell Axim X51 & X51v Pocket PCs Coming Soon"
  08/22/2005 "Can Windows Mobile Squash BlackBerry?"
  08/21/2005 "HP: iPAQ hx4705 Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade Delayed to 2006"
  08/17/2005 "Pocket PC Magazine to Change Name to 'Smartphone & Pocket PC'"
  08/16/2005 "HTC Wizard May Be Coming to Cingular this Fall"
  08/10/2005 "RIM Blackberry & Microsoft Windows Mobile Battle it Out"
  08/09/2005 "Sprint PCS PPC-6700 to be HTC Apache"
  08/03/2005 "Windows Mobile 5.0 Allows Single App to Run on Smartphone or PPC"
  08/02/2005 "PDA Shipments Near Record Levels"
  08/01/2005 "Socket Released Go Wi-Fi! 802.11b SDIO Card"
April 2005 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  04/25/2005 "PDAs & GPS Receivers Solution to Highway Congestion"
  04/25/2005 "Dell Roadmap Spells Out Axim Future Through 2006"
  04/21/2005 "Microsoft, RIM Team on Blackberry"
  04/19/2005 "Microsoft Ties LCS to Mobile Device with Windows Mobile 2005"
  04/19/2005 "Motorola MPx Pocket PC Phone Not Coming to US"
  04/18/2005 "Samsung's 4GB 0.85" Hard Drive Coming Q3 2005"
  04/16/2005 "Skype Free Internet Voice Calling Booms"
  04/12/2005 "Good Technology Reaches 5000 Enterprise Customers"
  04/08/2005 "HP Announces Upcoming iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Communicator"
  04/07/2005 "The New Bluetooth: More on the Beam"
  04/06/2005 "Could Push Email Be Delaying Windows Mobile 2005"
  04/05/2005 "Microsoft's New Smartphone Interface: Your Thumb"
  04/04/2005 "Updated Version of Skype Released for Pocket PCs"
  04/03/2005 "Microsoft Seeks to Kill Blackberry with Windows Mobile 2005"
March 2005 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  03/30/2005 "US Army Medical Division Using Pocket PC with Encryption"
  03/28/2005 "Leaked BETA Gives First Glimpse at Windows Mobile 2005"
  03/09/2005 "Nevada Company Developing Super Li-Ion Batteries"
  03/04/2005 "FCC Approval of Samsung SCH-i830 CDMA/GSM Phone"
  03/01/2005 "Vodafone Introduces 3G Compatible Pocket PC Phone"
February 2005 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  02/26/2005 "Socket Releases New Pocket PC Drivers for SDIO Wi-Fi Cards"
  02/20/2005 "Siemens SX66 Pocket PC Phone Now Available"
  02/20/2005 "Mean Hamster Software to Bring Myst & Riven to Pocket PC"
  02/18/2005 "Pocket PC Phone with 802.11g Demoed"
  02/17/2005 "Motorola Working on RAZR-thin Pocket PC"
  02/16/2005 "HP iPAQ hx2000 Series Pocket PC Break New Ground in Security"
  02/13/2005 "Microsoft Designs a Line of Low-Cost Smartphones"
  02/11/2005 "HP's iPAQ 6320 & 6700 on the Roadmap"
  02/09/2005 "HP Ousts CEO Carly Fiorina"
  02/07/2005 "Matt Krantz Explains the Shift from Pocket PC to Windows Mobile"
  02/03/2005 "First Images of iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger Posted"
  02/02/2005 "Congress Proposes Tax on All Internet & Data Connections"
  02/02/2005 "T-Mobile Unveils Feature Packed MDA IV in Germany"
  02/02/2005 "HP to Demonstrate New iPAQ Mobile Messenger at 3GSM"
January 2005 Pocket PC & Windows Mobile Smartphone Headlines
  01/28/2005 "WiFiTunes Brings iTunes to Pocket PC"
  01/25/2005 "iPodder Podcasting Client Coming Soon for Pocket PC"
  01/18/2005 "iPAQ h6315 Coming Soon to Cingular?"
  01/05/2005 "Garmin to Release GPS-enabled iQue Pocket PC"
  07/28/2004 "SanDisk 256MB + Wi-Fi SD Card Now Available"
  07/26/2004 "HP Announces New iPAQ Pocket PCs"
  07/21/2004 "Samsung i700 Windows Mobile 2003 Upgrade Released"
  06/14/2004 "Bluetooth Mice for Pocket PCs?"
  06/07/2004 "New Wireless Standard May Be Future of Bluetooth"
  06/01/2004 "HP Brings WPA Security to iPAQ 5400/5500 Series"
  05/24/2004 "Flash Memory Makers Slash Prices"
  05/24/2004 "Brighthand: SD Wi-Fi Card with 256MB Coming in June"
  05/24/2004 "Can Windows 95 Run on a Pocket PC?"
  05/18/2004 "Dell Releases New Axim X30 with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth"
  05/03/2004 "Microsoft Catches Up to Palm OS in PDA Market"
  04/30/2004 "Microsoft to Release Games for Windows Mobile"
  04/28/2004 "palmOne Releases Two New Zire Handhelds"
  04/20/2004 "iPAQ 6300 Wireless Pocket PC Details Surface"
  04/11/2004 "Intel Gives Details on Upcoming XScale Processors"
  04/07/2004 "HP Starts iPAQ Trade-In Program"
  04/01/2004 "Is Dell Developing a VGA Pocket PC?"
  04/01/2004 "New Low-Power LCD Coming from Intel"
  03/24/2004 "Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Unveiled"
  03/23/2004 "SanDisk SD Wi-Fi with 256MB Flash Memory to Debut"
  03/21/2004 "Preview: Asus MyPal A730 VGA Pocket PC"
  03/21/2004 "Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Coming Soon"
  03/15/2004 "Toshiba Releases Smallest Hard Drive Ever"
  03/01/2004 "Asus A730 Pocket PC with VGA Screen May Be Coming"


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