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Palm Tungsten T3 HotSync Cradles

Palm USB HotSync Cradle


An extra HotSync cradle for your Palm Tungsten T3 Handheld. This cradle features the Palm Universal Connector interface and works with many current PDAs from palmOne. This cradle has a USB 1.1 connection.

Requires a Windows or Mac OS Computer with USB connectivity. P10819U


Palm Serial HotSync Cradle


If you don't have access to a USB-enabled computer, or if your OS doesn't support Palm USB drivers, this Serial HotSync cradle gives you anther connection option.This cradle also features the Palm Universal Connector interface.

Requires a Computer with Serial connectivity. P10828U


Palm USB Mini Cradle


Update your information in style. palmOne’s Mini Cradle is not only sleek, but it’s the smallest cradle they’ve ever made. Its soft backlight glows to let you know your cradle has power. Its HotSync button illuminates when your handheld is successfully connected to your computer. A USB connection plugs into your PC or Mac for high-speed transfer of information. Use it at home or at work, it’s the perfect complement to your palmOne handheld.

Requires a Computer with USB connectivity. P10961U

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