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Windows Mobile Software: Motorola Q 9h Global
Find software for this Windows Mobile Device...
Touch or Non-Touch Software
The Motorola Q 9h Global Smartphone is compatible with Non-Touchscreen Windows Mobile Software.  It will not run touchscreen software versions. 
OS Version Compatibility
The Motorola Q 9h Global runs the Windows Mobile 6 Standard operating system.  Installed software must be compatible with this version.
Software Installation Locations
Software can be installed to internal memory or microSD / microSDHC Flash Memory Cards.
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Windows Mobile Non-Touchscreen Screenshots
Learn How to Install Software to Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, Pocket PC Phones & Windows Mobile Smartphones

You know what type of Windows Mobile device you have and which version of the OS it's running, but how do you install software to the handheld?  We have step-by-step instructions.  View software installation instructions by device type: 

Install Software to Touchscreen PDAs or Smartphones

Install Software to Non-Touchscreen Smartphones



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